[Poll results live] How's your Google Fi Wi-Fi calling experience?

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Original story (published on October 15, 2021) follows:

Mobile tech advances fast and with it, comes a lot of interesting innovations. One such innovation that I find fascinating is the whole MVNO space in telecom.

An MVNO stands for ‘mobile virtual network operator’ and essentially, this is a wireless communications services provider that does not necessarily own the network infrastructure over which it operates.


There are so many such implementations across the globe but perhaps one of the most well-known providers is Google’s Google Fi.

For a while, Google Fi was exclusive to Google’s own Pixel devices but since then, we have seen the carrier expand support to devices that aren’t part of its own lineup.

For everything that Google Fi does get right, its subscribers seem to have one recurring issue that they would love taken care of, Wi-Fi Calling.

A scroll through the community forums and you are bound to come across reports from users of Google Fi complaining about the Wi-Fi calling experience.

google fi user hate wifi calling

I recently switched to Google Fi (Samsung S21 Ultra) and found that wifi calling did not work.

The Fi support was useless. They had me go through a laborious list of silly procedures and questioned the health of my wifi network. Their instructions were definitely for a Pixel phone and eventually they told me I needed to contact Samsung to fix it.

Hello everyone I am a GoogleFi subscriber since January 2021 and I wonder when wifi calling will be available.

Essentially, the community forums are packed with reports from Fi subscribers lamenting about their poor or non-existent Wi-Fi calling experience.

For a long time, iPhone users were facing major issues with Google Fi’s Wi-Fi calling but that has since been seemingly addressed as Google Fi 5G and Wi-Fi calling support on iPhone is now rolling out.

The situation is reportedly even worse for Samsung users who have installed Android 12 Beta builds on their eligible devices as that seems to be breaking Google Fi Wi-Fi calling completely.

google fi wi-fi calling experience samsung android 12 beta

These are, by no means, the only reports on social media on Fi Wi-Fi calling experience with many (1,2,3) noting that the feature is finicky, rarely works, or doesn’t work at all.


Also worth noting is that, some users have had success in getting a better Google Fi Wi-Fi calling experience on their devices by resetting their APN settings.

Be that as it may, we would love to hear from you. How is your Google Fi Wi-Fi Calling experience? Cast your vote in the Twitter poll below and we shall update with the results in a week’s time.

Update 1 (October 23)

06:19 pm (IST): The poll results are out and it seems that nobody is happy with the Wi-Fi calling of Google-Fi, while 42.9% of them are not even aware of this feature.

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