[Update: Back up] Senturion.to down or not working? Here are some user-recommended alternatives

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Original story (published on October 21, 2021) follows:

If you are someone who wants to watch all the latest movies and TV shows, you must have a subscription to some sort of website that allows you to do so.

Senturion.to is one of the few websites that enabled people from all over the world to binge watch all their favorite content from under a single window.

The website offered a vast collection of shows and movies that was quite frequently updated. Premium members were able to download whatever they wanted to from the website.


In the last few years, it had a track record of suddenly shutting down and vanishing without a trace. And it looks like the exact same thing has happened again.

Many Senturion.to users are now reporting that the site is now down or not working for them. Some even tried sending an email but it seems to be bouncing back right now.

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I have links to the other site everyone is going to. Pretty much the same interface but a bit cleaner. Lets face it Senturion has gone down hill and never delivered anything they promised all while increasing the cost 100%. I’m personally done with them…

Hey I wanted to post here to see if anyone knows anything about Senturtion.to going down. I have already started looking at alternatives, however I am getting stuck on the reCaptcha for trying to sign up for Wonulla

If you had a subscription to the website and are now looking for a cheap alternative in a similar price bracket, you can give Wonulla.to a try since the registration seems to be open right now. Some other popular websites for watching movies and TV shows include Cinogen, Sagose and, StreamRoyale.

It is still unclear if Senturion.to is not working temporarily, down for maintenance or gone forever. The website owners are yet to give any information to the users about the same.

Having said that, we will keep an eye on the situation if and when Senturion.to comes back or shares any update with its user base.

Till then, those subscribed have no way but to look to alternatives such as Wonulla. We hope the website comes around or at least refunds users the amount they paid, but the chances of it happening seem highly unlikely.

Update 1 (October 22)

11:50 am (IST): User reports indicate that the Senturion website is back up and running. You just need to sign in to view content.

Watching senturion just now no problems (Source)

Its back up! As of 9am CST Oct 21st (Source)

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