New world fishing hotspot no longer displays notification after latest update

Developed by Amazon Games Orange County, New World is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game that was released on September 28 this year.

It is based on a fictional country loosely based on the United States and is set in the seventeenth century. The game is based on the buy-to-play model and has microtransaction that mostly offers skins.

Players need to craft items, take over settlements, and fight other players or monsters out in the wild if they want to survive. Players can upgrade their skills that offer diminishing returns over time.


New World encourages players to group up in teams of five and join one of the three factions- Syndicate, Covenant, and Marauders. The game features several activities that can either be completed solo or in co-op.

Fishing is one such activity that requires precise timing and patience. Having said that, New World players are reporting that they are not getting Fishing Hotspot notifications after the latest update.

However, the function seems to be working as intended, indicating that the update has messed up only with the notification and not the feature. It is still unclear if the change was intended or is a result of some negligence.

Players say that the developers haven’t mentioned anything about it in the patch notes, indicating that the bug might have crept in unnoticed.

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Hey all, I thought it was a personal post-patch glitch, but talked to two friends and they have both had the same issue Since the patch today, it no longer displays “landed on a hotspot!” You obviously still are (got 3 chests in a row and rarer fish), but i miss the serotonin/knowledge i hit the right spot. Was this intentional? I see nothing about it in the patch notes, and no references on a cursory search of reddit and google. Thanks in advance.

I fished at some hotspots today. The message you get when you hit the casting area didn’t show, but everything else worked the same. Is this intended? I logged on and on a couple times to see if it was on my end. Same

While the functionality is unaffected, it is frustrating for many since they have no way of knowing if they are standing in the right spot or not.

Amazon Game Orange County is yet to acknowledge the New World Fishing Hotspot notification issue. If and when they do, we will update this article so make sure you keep an eye out on this space.

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Featured image source: New World

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