[Updated] Gmail signature image/logo broken for some users, issue escalated (possible workaround inside)

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Original story (published on October 19, 2021) follows:

Gmail is a widely used email service launched by Google back in 2004. It comes pre-installed on almost all Android devices along with other Google services.

It has gradually grown to become one of the most trusted and popular email services on the planet. It is used by many professionals, organizations, and individuals.

However, lately, some users are facing issues with this service when trying to upload signature images or logos in their emails.


As per reports, when users upload an image, it doesn’t show up, instead, a blue box appears with a question mark.

Here are some reports for reference:


Just a couple of days back we realized that we are not seeing the image on our signature. This is happening with everyone in our org. I’ve tried deleting the sign and adding again, used different sources for the image(uploaded from the computer, from the drive, from the web) but nothing seems to work. I’d appreciate any help in this matter. (Source)

When I send an email, I am getting a notification that someone needs access – cancel or send anyway. In addition to images not showing in my email. I didn’t change any settings. (Source)

Meanwhile, a user also reported that the logo of his company in a Gmail signature is missing and the same blue square with a white question mark is shown.

These affected users have tried a bunch of workarounds such as uploading images from Drive, using a different browser, deleting browser history, and clearing cache, but nothing seems to work.

This issue has been around for a while now and back then, a product expert in the forums provided several workarounds for this issue. You can try these workarounds and see if any of them works for you.

If there is no formatting option available while creating a signature then:

– Click Compose.
– Click More options.
– Deselect “Plain text mode.”

If there’s only a URL option:

Sign out of ALL YOUR google accounts, then sign into this one you want to do the signature in then try again or try incognito/private browsing or use another browser temporarily to set it up.

if that gives you the missing additional options – click Insert Image in the signature tools and select UPLOAD – THIS WILL SET THE IMAGE AS PUBLIC FOR YOU, just don’t ever delete the image from DRIVE or it won’t work.

Note that G Suite accounts may not have this option – you can ask your admin if they are able to enable it for you.

You can also try and copy the image, paste it into an email, send the email to yourself, copy the image from the email, and paste it into the signature. If this doesn’t work, then check here for more options.

Now, upload your picture on an image hosting website such as Imgur, Imageshack, or postImage. Then copy the URL and paste it into the box provided when you click on ‘Insert Image option in signature tools’ and follow these steps:

– Upload the image you want to link in your signature to an image sharing website.

– Make sure it is PUBLICLY available and not private to you or limited to certain groups

– Open the image in its new home

– Right click it and copy the URL

– Go back to your signature block

– Click Insert Image

– Paste the URL you just copied
– Save settings (Source)

If this bug is still bothering you even after trying all these above-mentioned workarounds then there’s nothing to worry about.

In a recent acknowledgment, a product expert said that this issue is already escalated to the team at Gmail. Moreover, users can provide feedback by clicking on ‘?’ icon in Gmail web UI.


We hope that this annoying issue gets fixed as soon as possible. We will update you on this matter as and when anything new comes to our notice.

Update 1 (October 21)

04:50 pm (IST): An individual has shared a temporary workaround for those who are facing the problem. Check it out below:

In case others are looking for a temporary fix, using an image from Dropbox has been working for me for almost a week now. As I noted above, to make this work you need to change the end of the Dropbox sharing URL from raw=0 to raw=1. (Source)

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