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Fortnite is a popular battle royale game developed and published by Epic Games. It is available on different gaming platforms such as Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation.

This action-adventure role-playing video game has reached season 8 of chapter two which started on September 13, 2021. The first chapter, which had up to 10 seasons, ended in December 2019.

Over the course of chapter 1 and 2, there were many cosmetics, vehicles, and new locations added. And many things have also been removed from the game.


Recently, Inflate-A-Bull was added to prevent alien parasites from attacking and has a high speed to cover the map quickly. It can be purchased from Rick and Morty NPC for 25 gold.

However, some players are facing an issue with Inflate-A-Bull in Creative mode that makes them invisible while others are also affected by a bug where Graveyard Drift quests are awarding too few V-Bucks.

Here are some reports for reference:


@EpicGamesBackup @AussieAntics @itsJerian @FortniteStatus @LachlanYT @FNCompetitive there is a bug in creative where if you use a inflate a bull and respawn while your in it, you turn invisible I’ll send a clip if you need proof btw I saw it in the BHE 1V1 BUILD FIGHTS game mode. (Source)

respawning bug = if you die while gliding you respawn without being able to shoot or doing anything
if you die with any effect you will respawn having that effect “inflate-a-bull effect = invisible” (Source)

Many players are complaining (1, 2, 3) that when they respawn while inside Inflate-A-Bull, they become completely invisible. Respawning is part of the game so players can’t even skip it.

On the brighter side, Fortnite support is aware of the Inflate-A-Bull invisible glitch and is currently under investigation.

In the meantime, affected players can try the following workaround until the issue gets fixed:

– Remove the Inflate-A-Bull from your games while we resolve the issue.

– Change your elimination setting to “Eliminated Players Items to NOT Keep” (Source)

Graveyard Drift quests awarding too few V-Bucks

Many gamers are also reporting about Graveyard Drift quest issue where their reward has been reduced.

The Fortnite Graveyard Drift quest pack offers Driftwalker skin, outfit styles, and cosmetics, and 2000 V-bucks on completion of the challenge. It will be available for PlayStation 4 and 5 players from tomorrow.

As per reports (1, 2), after completing the challenge of Graveyard Drift bundle, gamers are awarded only 1500 V-bucks instead of 2000.


Hey fortnite I only got 1,500 v bucks when I got the new graveyard drift pack (Source)

If you’re purchasing the Graveyard Drift Quest Pack, know that if you complete all of the quests, you will only be granted 1500 vbucks, rather than the advertised 2000 vbucks. This is actually a mistake from Epic because if you add up all the challenges’ rewards, it’s 1500 vbucks (Source)

Following the reports, this bug has also gained the attention of Fortnite and they have acknowledged the issue with a promise of fixing it as soon as possible.

Moreover, the players who received fewer V-Bucks will be compensated with the difference.


We hope that the annoying Fortnite Inflate-A-Bull invisible issue and Graveyard Drift quest bug get sorted out soon. We will keep you informed on the further development of this story.

Update 1 (October 21)

Epic Games said that they have re-imbursed all the missing V-Bucks from the Graveyard Drift Pack for those who completed the quest.

Moreover, they have clarified that if the Quest rewards 100 V-Bucks or fewer, it is just a visual glitch with the players getting the correct amount upon completion.

V-Bucks missing from the Graveyard Drift Pack have been reimbursed for all players who’ve completed a quest and these quests have been updated to reward the correct amount.(Source)

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Featured Image Source – Epic Games

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