[Update: Oct. 21] Axie Infinity broken servers force players to urge devs for fix as game gets unplayable due to disconnections/errors, company responds

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Original story (published on July 15, 2021) follows:

Axie Infinity is a non-fungible token (NFT) game developed by Sky Mavis that allows players to earn currency by breeding, raising, battling, and trading Axie creatures in the marketplace.

The goal of the game is to provide a fun and educational way to introduce peeps to the world of blockchain technology.


Third parties can access all art assets and Axie data, giving an opportunity for community developers to create their own tools and experiences to further improve the Axie Infinity universe.

In short, the more you contribute to the Axie Universe, the more rewards to reap.

Unfortunately, things haven’t been too orderly in the Axie Universe lately. There has been a slew of complaints from the game’s players about server issues and several other problems.


@AxieInfinity hi admins of axie infinity will there be any fix on the server?? because it is so hard to enter the adventure mode and arena

Hi, Axie. Almost three days until now your server is still not working properly. What’s going on? I invested all my savings here. I’m just started last July 9, 2021. I’m a newbie! Please, hurry up and fix it. Thanks a lot.

Going by complaints, it seems that the server issues have been persistent for 3 days now, during which Axie players haven’t been able to enter the adventure mode and arena and play the game at all.

Not only that, but there are also several complaints about random errors and disconnections that ruin the experience of the game.

Some of these issues include stuck Axies that cannot be purchased and trouble when trying to morph.

Following the wave of complaints, the Axie Infinity yesterday took to Twitter to acknowledge the issues and report that they’re working on a fix.

Soon after, another Tweet from the game dev conveyed that the marketplace is back up and that stuck Axies had been cleared up. Morphing and breeding were also fixed.

So it’s pretty now clear that most major issues have been fixed. However, the elephant in the room – server issues – still need resolution.

Axie Infinity again took to later yesterday to say that exponential growth is to be blamed for the server issues and that they’re now working on upgrading their servers entirely.


An ETA for when servers will be back up and running flawlessly wasn’t given but we sure do hope that it happens soon.

Update 1 (July 16)

Incoming is the latest status update from Axie Infinity.

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Additionally, Axie Esports is also getting a dedicated server. For more details, head here.

Today we are announcing a dedicated server for Axie esports and a 5,000 AXS grant to support community tournaments!

We are accepting proposals from community organizers!

Update 2 (July 17)

Incoming is the latest status update from Axie Infinity’s official Twitter handle, and here’s what they have to say about the server outages:

Thanks for the patience with everything.

We know that you’d love concrete updates around timing of upgrades and fixes, but we want to underpromise and overdeliver.

Traditionally server outages have only effected Coinbase and Binance in Crypto. We’ve joined elite company!

Update 3 (July 19)

Axie Infinity has come up with another status update on the matter explaining what all the team is doing regarding the server issues.

What’s disappointing is they’re not sure how long will it take to get things back to normal, days or weeks.

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Update 4 (July 20)

IST 11:00 – Axie Infinity recently also shared a tip from its engineers related to this issue on Twitter:

A tip from our engineers:

If you’re having trouble playing, Cloudflare, our anti-DDoS protection system, might be misidentifying you as a DDsS threat (spamming the server with requests).

VPNs can also trigger this.

Please rest for 2 hours and then try again.

Update 5 (July 21)

The team has reveled they’ve deployed some server enhancements, and more are lined up in the coming weeks. Let’s see how effective the improvements turn out to be.

We will deploy a server improvement tonight!

There will be some side effects:

• Daily quest progress will be reset.
• Energy calculations may be wrong.

There will be many more optimizations in the coming weeks!

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Update 6 (July 23)

Axie Infinity has now shared an overview with their users which enlists the potentials of the game. ICYMI we’ve also highlighted the captch issue on Mavis Hub, more details here.

Update 7 (July 27)

Servers are still an issue and Axie Infinity has once again acknowledged the issue in their recent tweet.

We’re aware of server issues. We’re on it!

Update 8 (July 28)

A new version has been released and here is what it says about the servers:

We just released Axie Infinity Version 1.0.0ac – Jul 27th

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Additionally, Axie Infinity says:

If you are having issues patching the game try uninstalling the old version before you install the new one.

Update 9 (October 13)

Axie Infinity has officially acknowledged the following issues and is undergoing a maintenance to fix things up.

We are aware of some in game issues with energy, SLP, and MMR displays after a match.

We have entered maintenance to resolve these issues!

Update 10 (October 19)

It appears the servers are down right now which has led the players to complaint on Twitter.

Update 11 (October 20)

Trainers are now urged to revert the patch and go back to older builds.

axie infinity

Update 12 (October 21)

If you have trouble logging into the Mavis Hub from your computer, there is a workaround for that. The process described in a video is as follows:

  1. Right-click on the Windows logo
  2. Click on File Explorer
  3. Go to “Source C” (or the letter that corresponds to your main drive)
  4. Click on view (upper part of the interface)
  5. Check on “Hidden items”
  6. Open “User Files” folder
  7. Open “appdata” folder
  8. Open “LocalLow” folder
  9. Open “Sky Mavis”
  10. Erase “Axie Infinity” folder
  11. Then just wait 2 or 3 minutes

You can see the process in the video. It is in Filipino language but has English subtitles and is very easy to follow.

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