Google Drive for Desktop users frustrated by lack of option to sync select folders

Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud-based storage solutions that enable users to store all their important documents in a central place without having to worry about losing them.

Since it is tightly integrated with the Google ecosystem, it is natural for Drive to be available on a multitude of platforms. Earlier this year, the tech giant announced its plan to unify the Backup and Sync app with the Google Drive app.

Drive for Desktop incorporates all features from the commercial version of Drive but removes some features offered by the more popular Backup and Sync app. A popular feature that users say they miss is the ability to launch the app from the Desktop directly instead of going to the virtual drive.


Having said that, many Google Drive users are now wondering how they sync specific folders and not everything. Users say that the app starts syncing the entire drive when installed.

This is really counterproductive since it would take a lot of time and space on the cloud. Users say they just want to be able to sync selected folders and not entire drives.

It seems that there is no way to selectively sync folders right now. However, stream seems to be an option for those who want to make available select files and folders offline. But keep in mind that streamed files cannot be indexed for search.


This is surely a Joke. I have a whole bunch of folders in other synced folders that I do not want uploaded, and this was all OK with Backup & Sync. Now I am forced to use Desktop Drive and have to re-arrange my file structures as there are literally 100’s of GB of data (which I don’t want backed up) that would be uploaded and $$$ Paid For $$$.

Just want to add my 2 cents onto the pile that this is a horrible choice by Google, and has completely decimated my reason for using GDrive in the first place. “Not suitable for everyone” is one of those things that you bring up during product ideation to avoid making poor design decisions. I’m just really frustrated right now, a key tool in my daily workflow has been rendered useless. For a company that sees itself in such high regard, it’s amazing how Google cares so little for the customers it serves.

While normal users seem to be okay, those who had 100’s of GB of data synced are really pissed why Google decided to remove such a useful feature. Streaming isn’t a viable solution either.

The only viable solution to this is that either Google brings back the feature or enough users ask for it via the Send Feedback tool from the new app. The more requests Google gets, the higher it is likely to make a comeback.

Do you miss the ability to sync selected folders? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below.

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