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Original story (published on October 02, 2021) follows:

Amazon’s New World was in the beta stage for quite some time before it finally released in late September. The MMORPG has become quite popular among PC gamers due to its elaborate gameplay.

New World players can join factions, form groups, take over settlements, craft items, quest, fight monsters or other players, explore the open world, and more. However, an issue appears to be spoiling the user experience for many.


As per multiple reports, the proximity voice chat or VOIP feature in New World is not working properly for many players. It seems players are unable to properly hear other players in their proximity and vice versa, apart from their teammates.

Reports clearly indicate that the issue is widespread but it is unclear what the exact cause of the problem is. Some players say that they can barely hear other players when they are in close proximity, however, other players cannot hear each other at all.

Players have been pointing out that the proximity voice chat feature is not working properly in New World even with all related settings enabled which is further adding to their dilemma.

Voice chat not working? I set up everything. Voice chat is on but no one can hear me pls help

Voice chat port failure. Turned it to disabled put it back to enabled stuck in disabled. Anyone have a solution?


It must be noted that the proximity voice chat feature has been around since New World was in the beta phase. Also, players have been saying that the feature worked perfectly during the beta stage but is not working properly after the stable release.

Moreover, Amazon Games Orange County has not made any comments on why players are unable to use the proximity voice chat or VOIP feature in New World after the stable release.

While affected New World players may be able to get the feature to work for them by with a simple workaround, there is no guarantee whether it will indeed fix proximity voice chat or not as it is just a matter of tweaking a few settings.

Please revert the voice chat back to how it was during closed beta it was so lit! Now the voice chat radius seems smaller and quieter im try be like this with 30 others during faction battles


One of the many affected users has pointed out that setting the Receive Volume, Microphone Volume, and Microphone Sensitivity levels to 100% in the Communications settings might help to address the issue.

While the default values of the aforementioned settings are set to 50%, there are no reports indicating that increasing these values to 100% fixes the proximity voice chat feature.

However, there is no harm in trying this workaround out until Amazon sheds more light on the matter or better yet fixes it if it is indeed an issue in the game itself.


So, be sure to give this workaround a go and let us know whether it fixes the proximity voice chat feature for you or not by dropping a comment below.

That said, we will report back with more stories related to New World and other games as and when we get new information to share so stay tuned.

Update 1 (October 04)

IST 12:35 pm: According to a user on the community forum, the voice chat feature seems to be working fine.

Another player claims that a character needs to be at least 3 hours old to use the voice chat feature.

character has to be more than 3 hours

Update 2 (October 19)

IST 04:51 pm: One individual took to the community forums to explain the situation. The comment was officially marked as a ‘solution’ for the problem. Here’s what they have to say:

Hey due the Amazon support completely irgnored your question il answer it because i have the same problem but a bit more technical backgroud i guess. Amazon uses “vivox / eternal voice servers” for the ingame voice chat. I have the same problem too an i took a look at the logs and it seems that those voice servers are just overloaded and you and me and other people can not build up a connection to this voice servers. There is no automatic “reconnect” sadly. It only tries it at game start and after it times out you have to restart the game to try to connect again to the voice severs. i hope that explains it a bit, but to fix that amazon is in charge. (Source)

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