Dauntless Ace chips, weekly & daily challenge issues under investigation

Released in 2019 on the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, Dauntless is an action RPG that is published and developed by Pheonix Labs. The game is set in a world of fantasy where creatures known as Behemoths have taken over.

The game is heavily inspired by the world of Monster Hunter, Dark Souls, and World of Warcraft. In the world of Dauntless, players take on the role of Slayer, a hunter who is responsible for taking on Behemoths.

On release, it was praised for its combat and reward progression system. Moreover, all microtransactions in the game are primarily cosmetic in nature, making the game truly free-to-play.


There are six weapon types to choose from, each of which feels quite unique and serves a purposeful role. Dauntless has an in-game currency called Ace Chips.

This currency can be used to buy certain items and can be earned from Daily Login Cores as well as the Hunt Pass. Having said that, Dauntless players are now reporting an issue with Ace Chips and Daily and Weekly challenges.

Many say that they are not getting coins reward, while others say they only got a handful. Players are also complaining that they are unable to complete the Daily and Weekly challenges.

This has surely angered a bunch of players with some asking the developers how the update was released without any prior testing. As if that wasn’t enough, some Dauntless players also say Ace Chips are not appearing for them in the game.


eeem, according to my progress I would have to have 3 daily missions done and 2300 vault coins for some of the weekly, but the 3 missions do not come out and I only have 1900 vault coins, I DEMAND MY VAULT COINS !!!

FIX YOUR GAME, Daily coins are broken for my husband, you RUINED his main weapon. Do you not test on PS5? Fix your game, it’s currently unplayable! He can’t get his daily bounties and he can’t play repeaters cause his character twists whenever he does his special.

Thankfully, the Dauntless developers seem to be aware of the Ace Chips and bugged Daily and Weekly Challenges. They also said that they are working on fixing the issues, but shared no ETA on when a fix will be released.

This is currently bugged, so they aren’t counting. We’re working on a fix now!

And for those experiencing crashing issues with the game, the developers said that they have fixed the issue on the PC and the Xbox, with a patch for the PlayStation and Nintendo Switch coming soon.

In the meantime, we will keep an eye out if and when a patch comes out and update this article accordingly, so make sure you keep checking for further updates.

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Featured image source: Epic Games Store

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