[Oct. 14: Fixed] Snapchat not working: Stories not loading issue following Google Cloud outage

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Original story (from June 03, 2019) follows:

As you may already know, web services like YouTube, Gmail, Snapchat and many others were hit by a major outage in the US recently. The outage had to do with Google’s Cloud service, and was officially acknowledged as well as fixed by the company at the soonest.

Google Cloud status page with outage related developments

Though the Google outage may have been over, Snapchat issues are far from being over. Many users are still not able to use the service. And Snapchat support says they’re investigating.


While the Cloud service was back up in about five hours, it has left users of apps like Snapchat – which is powered by Cloud – complaining. Since the outage – which temporarily barred Snapchat users from using the app – many users are encountering issues related to Stories.

Users basically report every time they try to upload a snap to their stories it just gets failed. So the app is not letting them post anything to Stories anymore. Rather, it keeps saying “Failed to post”. Even the stories posted by friends/others aren’t showing up reportedly.


User shared image of stories by friends not showing

Here’s a selection of some of the recent tweets (from amongst the endless string of complaints) for you to take a quick glance:




Similar reports can be seen posted on online discussion platform Reddit as well.

While reports continue proliferating, what’s appeasing is that Snapchat support has informed some of the complainants – who reported seeing stories over an over again – they are looking into the matter.

Here’s what they said:


While Snapchat is diagnosing the Stories glitch, we are keeping an active tab on the matter, and will update the story as and when any new development catches our sight. In the meantime, if you are also facing this issue, drop a comment and let us know.

Update 1 (June 04, 2019)

It’s been nearly a day now, and the issues we highlighted through this story are still not fixed. As you can see in the tweet response below, team Snapchat says they are still looking into the matter.

Meanwhile, rumors of Snapchat shutdown have started doing rounds, with users asking questions like “will Snapchat die”, “is Snapchat being shut down”, “is Snapchat actually shutting down”, “will Snapchat be discontinued”, and “are they shutting down Snapchat” on social media platforms.

Update 2 (June 05, 2019)

Snapchat’s official Twitter handle has confirmed the service is not shutting down, saying these are just rumors.

Update 3 (June 06, 2019)

Latest developments show Snapchat is still plagued with issues.

Update 4 (Sept 18, 2019)

Going by reports proliferating across Twitter, Snapchat is down and not working for many as of writing this. Users basically say Snapchat is not sending messages. Here’s what some of the affected users have to say:

is down and i was really mad at my phone. dumb me

@Icy_lrene @nfear I replied to you guys on snap but snapchat is down and it won’t send. I didn’t leave you on read ? ? ? ?

Is #SnapchatDown ?? I’m unable to send msgs [email protected] @snapchatsupport

Down detector – the service that gives information about outages – reflects the service is indeed encountering issues in some areas. Here’s a live outage map for you to take a quick look at:


While users continue complaining, amid all this Snapchat support is suggesting users to go for the usual log out-login drill.

You may want to try logging out then log back into the app. But first, make sure your Memories have successfully backed up! Also, if you have Login Verification enabled please make sure you saved your Recovery Code before logging out.

Update 5 (Sept 18, 2019)

Snapchat support has finally given a word on the matter. While reverting back to users – who was complaining about chats or messages not working – Snapchat Support acknowledged the issue saying they’re looking into it.

Thanks for letting us know, we’re looking into this!


Update 6 (October 14, 2019)

Snapchat has confirmed an issue currently plaguing the service:

We’re aware Snapchatters are having trouble sending Chats and Snaps. We are looking into it and working on a fix.

Update 7 (Dec 19, 2019)

Snapchat is down and not working for many as of writing this. DOwndetector also conveys the same.

Update 8 (Jan 01, 2020)

So it’s the beginning of 2020 and Snapchat is already down for many. User reports say the app isn’t working and they are unable to send snaps or messages. Downdetector also conveys the service is encountering a glitch. Here are some of the reports from Twitter:

New Year and yet Snapchat still can’t get it’s crap together lol #snapchatdown

for all y’all #snapchatdown people sayin “i can’t open any of my snaps!!” …maybe you don’t have any snaps ?

It’s 2020 and Snapchat is down already ??

BTW here’s what Snapchat support said a few hours back while addressing users who are facing issues using the app:

We’re aware some Snapchatters are having trouble using the app ? Hang tight, we’re working on it!

Update 9 (Jan 01, 2020)

Even hours after acknowledging the issue, Snapchat support says they’re still looking into the matter. Here’s their latest response to one of those affected:

we’re looking into this! We care about your safety and security. If you or someone you know is in crisis, please head to http://spr.ly/prevent for helpful resources.

Update 10 (Jan 02, 2020)

While some snapchatters are complaining of being locked out of their Snapchat accounts, others are reporting login issues. To those facing these two problems, Snapchat support is suggesting them to either DM for further assistance or is redirecting them to login or account locked troubleshooting pages.

Hey! There are a few reasons your account could be locked ?Learn more here: http://spr.ly/locked
?Team Snapchat is unable to unlock your account during this time.

If you’re seeing a generic Login Error message, check out this link: http://spr.ly/login-issues

Update 11 (March 11, 2020)

Snapchat is down and not working for many as of writing this. Downdetector also conveys the same. As per reports, despite receiving notifications for new messages, users say they don’t see any messages. It’s apparently a case of delayed sync wherein snaps are coming late.

Take a look at some of the reports:

#Snapchat is down again, it’s showing notifications but not working anything nor memories ( chat ) and can’t upload anything smh. Man facepalming

@snapchatsupport my snaps are coming in like 10 minutes after they’ve been sent to me

@snapchatsupport i’m getting notifications that someone is typing to me but the message will not show up until minutes after the message has been sent

FWIW Snapchat support is yet to give a word on the matter.

Update 12 (March 11, 2020)

Incoming is an official word from Snapchat support saying they’re looking into the matter.

Thanks for letting us know, we’re looking into this

Update 12 (March 12, 2020)

Snapchat is down and not working for many as of writing this. Downdetector also conveys the same. Users are reportedly facing issue posting stories and get failed to add a snap notification.

Update 13 (March 12, 2020)

Snapchat support says the matter is being looked into.

Update 14 (March 13, 2020)

And the Snapchat story bug is troubling users today as well. What’s relieving is that Snapchat support says they’re looking into the issue.

Update 15 (March 19, 2020)

Snapchat is down and not working for many as of writing this. While some are reporting connection issues, others are troubled with login/logout. Here’s the notification that pops up:

I can’t log out of Snapchat what’s going on

Does anyone else check to twitter to see if Instagram or Snapchat is down? And then twitter confirms it and now you have to spend your time on another social media app?? Well time for Tik Tok!

Update 16 (March 19, 2020)

Snapchat support is telling the users who are facing login issues that the problem is being looked into.

Update 17 (March 19, 2020)

The problem has been resolved now.

Update 18 (March 27, 2020)

Snapchat is down as of writing this. Users are encountering errors like “Could not refresh,” “Failed to send,” “Could not send. Please try again.” Here are some of the reports:

@snapchatsupport your guys’ app is so busted right now. It’s been like this for two weeks. Snaps aren’t sending or receiving, clearing cache and logging out doesn’t do anything. Fix it seriously please.

@snapchatsupportnone of my snaps are sending pls help lmao

Snapchat support says they are looking into the matter.

Update 19 (April 08, 2020)

Snapchat is down and not working for many as of writing this. Apart from proliferating reports – regarding snap memories not loading – on Twitter, down detector also conveys the same. Take a look at what some of those affected have to say:

@snapchatsupport my snap memories arent loading and its not working for anything fix it please its been too long

hi @snapchatsupport why can’t i see my memories Woozy faceWoozy face

Update 20 (April 08, 2020)

There’s no acknowledgment regarding the ‘memories not appearing’ form the Snapchat support as yet. They’re telling the complainants to DM for further help.

Update 21 (April 08, 2020)

While reverting back to a user who complained about the snaps not loading, Snapchat support said, they’re looking into the issue.

Update 22 (April 08, 2020)

Snapchat support says they’re looking into the app issues:

We’re aware many Snapchatters are having trouble using the app. Hang tight – we’re looking into it

Update 22 (April 08, 2020)

The app issue shave been resolved.

Update 24 (April 09, 2020)

Aaand Snapchat is facing issues today as well.

Update 25 (April 11, 2020)

Snapchat is down and not working as of writing this. Downdetector, as well as reports on Twitter, convey the same.

Update 26 (April 14, 2020)

Aand Snapchat is down and not working at this moment. While down detector confirms the outage. here’s what some of those affected have to say:

@snapchatsuppor my snaps not working I tried turning my phone on and off turning my WiFi on and off refreshing the app this is important I was in middle of a very important conversation

@snapchatsupport snap keeps giving notifications but won’t show me what the person said when I go to look, it won’t let me send snaps, and my map is messed up.

Update 27 (April 14, 2020)

Snapchat support has acknowledged the app glitch saying:

We’re aware some Snapchatters are having trouble using the app right now -hang tight, we’re looking into it!

Update 28 (April 14, 2020)

The problem has been taken care of.

Update 29 (May 02, 2020)

Snapchat users are facing issues receiving spans, while support says they’re looking into the matter. Take a look at what some users have to say:

messages or snaps won’t load in also notifications keep coming in and then i go and look and there’s nothing there i’ve already logged out an back in cleared cache fix it!

Problems receiving snapchats

My Snapchat keeps freezing everytime I try to post or literally do anything like text or view a story. Why is this happening?

Update 30 (May 04, 2020)

Snapchat call feature is now troubling users. Take a look at what some of teh complainants have to say:

Having an issue with calling on snap, was on a call for a while then it stopped. Now it’s just saying “connection interrupted” when either of us try to call the other.

hi! i was calling my friend on snapchat and it just completely disconnected us and we both tried calling multiple times. please help!

Snapchat video call not working please fix

Downdetector also conveys an outage.

Update 31 (May 04, 2020)

While reverting back to one of the affected users, Snapchat support has now confirmed, they’re looking into the matter.

Update 32 (October 13, 2021)

New reports surfacing online now indicate that Snapchat is down and not working for a section of its users.

snapchat down oct 13

Downdetector also shows a sharp increase in the number of reports from affected users. We are keeping an eye on this development and will update back as soon as we get new info.

IST 06:23 pm: Snapchat has since come out to acknowledge this issue, noting that they’re looking into it.

snapchat outage acknowledged

We’re aware that some Snapchatters are having issues using the app right now – hang tight, we’re looking into it!

Update 33 (October 14, 2021)

IST 09:07 am: The Snapchat outage was addressed within just a couple of hours. The app’s support team confirmed the same via a tweet.

The issue has been fixed! If you’re still having trouble, please let us know. Happy Snapping! (Source)

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