AirPods Pro 4A400 firmware allegedly fixes background noise cancellation issue during phone calls, as per some reports

Apple unveiled the first AirPods Pro to support active noise cancellation two years ago. Before then, this feature was reserved for premium headphones from the likes of Bose and Sony.

With this technology, it meant that the buds could listen to background sounds and actively cancel any noise around you. This is particularly helpful when in a noisy place.

However, soon after the said AirPods Pro started selling, some users started reporting an issue with the buds’ ability to actively cancel background noise during phone calls.


Does anyone else have trouble with making phone calls with your AirPod pros? Every time I talk with someone through my AirPods, they complain about how LOUD everything is on my end. Not only do they pick up ambient background noise, but for some reason they seem to amplify these sounds as well.

I can be doing something as minute as unzipping my backpack while I’m on the phone and my friends will express how irritating the sound is. What do I do? My devices are all up to date. I’ve tried the “forget AirPods Pro” trick in the Bluetooth menu. I hate that these aren’t working for my phone calls, it’s the sole reason I purchased these expensive ear buds.

As seen from the screengrab above, the issue with background noise during phone calls made through the AirPods Pro has been here since 2019.

Multiple software updates down the line and reports of the same issue are still doing rounds. Heck, not even the recent update to iOS 15 came with any fixes for this issue, at least going by some reports.

Anything yet on this?? Just bought the pros and no one will talk with me on phone as soon much background noise. iOS 15 fixed issue for FaceTime beautifully but not when on call. Help! If not, I’ll return within my 90 day allowed period.

It’s understandable that AirPods Pro users are frustrated, especially since the issue has been here for years and continues to cause havoc.

But going by some of the most recent comments on these old threads in the Apple forums, it’s possible Cupertino may have found a solution for this issue.

As you may have noted in one of the comments above, the update to iOS 15 addressed the background noise cancellation issue with FaceTime calls. But it remained when making normal phone calls.

However, with the recent update that bumped the AirPods Pro firmware version to 4A400, some report that the issue is no more.


Apple hasn’t provided an official changelog for this update, so it’s hard to tell how true this is, especially since a few others also claim the issue still exists for them despite installing the new firmware.

If your friends still can’t hear you properly when using AirPods Pro even after the 4A400 firmware, you may want to try what this user did. That is, unpair the buds, delete them from all devices, soft-reset your iPhone, and pair them again.

Good news for all! I installed new beta firmware version, unpaired and deleted from all my devices and did soft reset on my iPhone 12 mini. After this call calls has been solved! On whatsupp app dont work

The 4A400 firmware update started rolling out a week or so ago, so be sure to check your software update settings just in case you haven’t installed it yet.

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