Apple Music on iOS 15 buggy for some users: Slow loading, crashing/freezing, music pausing, & more

The music streaming space is dominated by a few players but the competition is pretty stiff. While Spotify boasts of an impressive 30% market share, Apple Music isn’t playing as it boasts of a respectable 25% market share.

Needless to say, Apple Music enjoys some impressive market share and this might be attributed to the fact that this is one of the few Apple products that aren’t restricted for use by persons invested in the Apple ecosystem.


For everything that this music streaming platform is, it is not immune to the perils that afflict many such internet-based platforms.

iOS 15 has recently been released and more and more iPhone users are now updating their eligible devices to this shiny new version of iOS.

Sadly though, the journey that iOS 15 accords to these devices hasn’t been a painless one as we have already looked at a fair number of bugs and issues.


Well now, it is coming to light that there are a bunch of bugs and issues afflicting iPhone users on iOS 15 hen trying to use Apple Music and in this post, we shall highlight a few such bugs.

First up, a section of Apple Music users on iOS 15 have been reportedly facing a bug that causes the app to load slowly compared to earlier builds of iOS.

I love Apple Music, I use it literally everyday! But there’s always something wrong when it comes to the UI. Album covers won’t load, I’ll add a song to my playlist and it won’t actually add it, it’ll sometimes take a second to skip/play/pause songs, etc. The service is great but the UI is lacking the usual quality Apple gives most of its other apps. Like most of these problems have been around for a long time now without ever getting fixed. Once Apple fixes these problems and new ones stop popping up as often as they do I’ll give Apple Music 5 stars.

A scroll through the feedback section of Apple Music on the App Store reveals a lot of users who are facing this slow loading issue when trying to use this service.

At the time of writing, Apple was yet to issue an official acknowledgment or a statement with regards to this bug and we shall continue to keep an eye out for this.

Another Apple Music bug reported by iPhone users on iOS 15 has to do with the platform’s tendency to pause tracks randomly.

apple ios 15 music stopping bug

This has been happening since ios15 and wanted too ee who all had the same issue and if there’s anything to resolve it.

I play an album in the morning on my way to work and get 3 songs in. I go in to work and leave about 8 hours later, phone connects to bluetooth and it plays a random song from my library. Before it connects, I can open the app and it says “Not playing” and it has totally forgotten what I was listening to. Background Refresh is enabled for Music, phone has been restarted, etc

Essentially, Apple Music users on iOS 15 keep having their playback pause randomly and this seems to resume on its own after some time. Some users report that this happens even with lossless turned off so it might not be a bandwidth issue.

This too hasn’t been officially acknowledged and as such, we shall continue to keep an eye on this development and report back as and when we get more info so stay tuned.

Another bug that iOS 15 users of Apple Music are facing has to do with the app closing and crashing or resetting itself in the background, thereby making users to lose track of their listenings.

apple music bugs ios 15 crashing in background

This bug too hasn’t been acknowledged and we shall be keeping an eye on any development in this regard.

Another Apple Music bug that might not exactly be related to iOS 15 has to do with the platform’s ability to store users’ songs. This, as users reportedly can’t add new songs to iTunes.

mp3 wont go to apple music

The crux of this issue is that, Apple Music users are not able to add their locally saved tracks to iTunes and so they can’t be accessed on Apple Music.

Like the other Apple Music bugs discussed in this piece, this too hasn’t been acknowledged.

As always, we shall continue to keep an eye on this and update with new info as and when it becomes available. Stay tuned to PiunikaWeb for these and more.

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