[Updated] Rainbow Six Siege G36C sound issue gets acknowledged, M762 likely affected too

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Original story (published on Septmber 29, 2021) follows:

Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most competitive FPS games of all time. Released in 2015, it is developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft.

Rainbow Six Siege is currently in its third season of year 6 and is showing no signs of slowing down. The online multiplayer tactical shooter is often updated with new content in the form of events, challenges and balance changes.

Ubisoft makes sure the game stays fresh with the addition of new maps and operators. This Season, Ubisoft introduced Osa, who packs a 556xi/PDW9 paired with a PMM and has reworked several existing maps.

Crystal Guard

Having said that, the frequent content updates often result in the game having multiple bugs and issues.

Recently, players complained that they were getting ‘Lorem Ipsum’ text on the screen while others complained of teammates’ outlines disappearing.

Having said that, the issues seem to be never-ending right now. According to recent reports from Rainbow Six Siege players, the latest patch is causing the G36C to have muffled or no sound.

Some users are also reporting that the bug affects Zofia’s M762 as well, with the weapon having a muffled sound. You can see for yourself in the video how the G36C sounds after the latest patch:

Why does the g36c sound like it’s not firing? I only hear the bullets connect with the target.

Wtf am I tripping or do Zofia M762 sound like the L8 right now #RainbowSixSiege

Apart from the muffled Ash’s G36C and Zofia’s M762, some are saying that Monty’s shield is silent as well. Seems like the latest patch has broken the audio in the game.

While this may not seems as serious, the muffled sound is sure to cause a lot of confusion. Players may be unable to understand who is approaching or shooting, which can be really frustrating.

Fortunately, it looks like Ubisoft is aware of the issue and said that it is under investigation. Ubisoft Support is also asking players to keep a tab on their Twitter handle since they will be notifying when a fix comes out.


We hope the audio is fixed soon so players can play Rainbow Six Siege normally.

When the developers fix the Rainbow Six Siege G36C and M762 muffled sound issue, we will update this space to reflect the same so make sure to keep an eye out.

Update 1 (September 30)

12:33 pm (IST): The Rainbow Six Siege team on Twitter has confirmed that they’ve identified a fix for the problem which will be released next week.

🔉 We are aware of an issue affecting the M762 (Zofia) and the G36C (Ash & Iana) which causes their audio to sound muffled to the player firing in full auto.

🛠 A fix has been identified and will come early next week. (Source)

Update 2 (October 11)

04:00 pm (IST): The latest Y6S3.2 patch fixes the issue where gun sounds were muffled. Here’s a snippet from the patch notes.


FIXED – When one player downs a teammate and another player eliminates the teammate, the player who downed them will be removed from the match.
FIXED – Muffled sound is heard on some automatic weapons.

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