[Update: Oct. 11] The Elder Scrolls Online crashing issue on Xbox consoles after latest patch acknowledged

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If you’ve been into gaming for a while, you might be well-aware of ‘The Elder Scrolls’ series of action role-playing video games. This series is more of an adventure that includes free-form gameplay in an open world.

RPGs have become popular over time in the gaming world and their users have grown into millions. The Elder Scrolls Online is one such multiplayer game of the series released back in 2014.

This video game was developed by ZeniMax Online Studios and it is available on different platforms such as Windows, macOS, PlayStation, and Xbox.


The Elder Scrolls Online gameplay consists of different quests, random events, and free-roaming to explore the world of adventure.

The game was running smoothly until recently, however, now some Xbox gamers have suddenly started to encounter bugs while playing.

As per the reports, The Elders Scrolls Online is crashing on Xbox Series X consoles. This problem appeared for users after they downloaded the latest patch that arrived just recently.

My game crashed loading into a public dungeon in Blackwood, and now I can’t get back in. Crashing every single time on the same load screen for the public dungeon. So that character is literally unplayable now? – Source

I stopped playing because the game is crashing. I almost thought my Xbox series x was dying. – Source


If we go by the multiple reports, the culprits clearly seem to be the latest update. The developers recently released a new patch for the game that brought fixes, improvements, and a bunch of new functionalities.

So far, players were presuming the issue has to do with their Xbox console. However, the developers of The Elders Scrolls Online have now come up and confirmed the issue.

Three times in less than two hour. I guess I’ll play something else while they fix it. I’m on Xbox Series X. – Source

This has been happening since the next gen update, a few times a day for me, but usually only during load screens when traveling and when exiting the CP menu.

Since the patch this morning my game has crashed 9 or 10 times or so and it doesn’t seem to matter what I’m doing. It just crashes a lot now. Like, way too much for this to not be something they’re addressing publicly. – Source

The officials have acknowledged the issue and promised to get it fixed. Moreover, the company also stated that there’s no temporary workaround at the moment.

Still, the users can try to come out of the situation by using a different character, in case it works. Meanwhile, the company is investigating to reach a full-proof solution to this bug.


However, there is no ETA provided by the company, we hope that this annoying bug gets sorted out soon and players can once again enjoy this adventurous video game.

We will update you on the matter, as and when any new development comes to our notice. In the meantime, you can also share views in our comments section below.

Update (September 29)

09:25 am (IST): A community manager has since come out to acknowledge this issue, noting that it has been identified and a fix should be available as soon as October 6.

Hey everyone, we have an update on the Xbox Series X/S crashes. We know this has been very frustrating for everyone who experiences it and we didn’t want to give an update until we knew what was causing the crashes. We now know what is going on and have identified a fix that is going through internal testing.

Our plan is to get this to you as soon as possible. However, because this is a client fix, we must go through a full certification pass with Microsoft. This means the soonest we are able to implement this change is next Wednesday, October 6. We know this news is disappointing but we are doing everything we can to make sure you all are able to get back to playing as quickly as possible.

Please know we are already discussing how to best make this up to our Xbox Series X/S players, particularly for the upcoming Bounties of Blackwood event. Thanks again for your ongoing patience and understanding here.

Also, do check our dedicated gaming section to take a sneak peek into the problems troubling players in the gaming world.

Update (October 11)

IST 11:23 am: Reports now indicate that this crashing issue has been resolved for the most part. This, as users, report not facing the issue since the Wednesday patch.

wed patch fixed issue

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