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Far Cry is one of most successful game franchises with millions of players across the globe. Now, Ubisoft has released the latest entry in the game series titled, Far Cry 6.

It is available across numerous platforms like Windows, Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, PS5, Stadia, and Amazon Luna. Also, Far Cry 6 has already gained a lot of critical acclaim for its over gameplay.


The first-person shooter game is set on the fictional island of Yara where players can use vehicles, makeshift weapons, and hire friends. While Far Cry 6 is being liked by players, it also has some set backs.

It seems players are not quite liking the enemy respawn mechanics in Far Cry 6 as they are making the game a little to hard to play. There are numerous reports where players are clearly criticizing the enemy respawn mecahnics in Far Cry 6.

Basically, players are saying that enemies keep on respawning at certain locations as soon as they clear an area. Moreover, players feel that this is actually a bug and not the intended behavior.

Whether it is free roam, an outpost, or an area for a mission. Enemies are respawning sometimes seconds later after killing them, I have had instances where I walk 20 feet, turn around and they are back.

The respawn needs reduced immediately, I don’t mind the enemies respawning eventually but it needs to be a long while AFTER I leave the area. It feels like I’m playing horde mode or something and I won’t be playing if there isn’t a patch for this.

Only complaint I have so far and it’s a MASSIVE one. There is no excuse for this if the game was tested before release. Enemies literally respawn as soon as you walk 5 feet away.

Hope this gets patched by the end of the week, it’s ridiculous.


However, it is unclear whether this enemy respawn behavior in Far Cry 6 is intended or is actually a bug as Ubisoft has not made any comments on the matter so far. There are not even any workarounds for this which is further adding to players’ dilemma.

Reports indicate that these respawn mechanics are similar to those in the Grand Theft Auto series when players have higher wanted levels and NPCs keep on spawning indefinitely until the wanted level is reduced or lost.

On the other hand, some players also feel that the overall enemy AI (Artificial Intelligence) has improved a lot in Far Cry 6 making the game even more challenging than the previous Far Cry installments.


While the overall gameplay in Far Cry 6 may have improved a lot over time, issues like this enemy respawning behavior spoil the overall user experience if not addressed properly and in time.

All in all, these enemy respawn mechanics are indeed inconveniencing many Far Cry 6 players as they are unable to progress in the game and hence enjoy the game properly. Thus a proper fix for this behavior may be required.

However, nothing is confirmed until the game developer provides more clarity regarding the enemy respawn mechanics or better yet nerfs them so that players can enjoy the game without any hassle.

Dani Rojas

That said, we will keep tracking the development of Far Cry 6 and will report back with more details as and when we get new information to share so stay tuned.

Update 1 (October 11)

12:25 pm (IST): Now, the game makers have come out to acknowledge this bug, noting that they’re currently investigating, promising a fix soon.

ubisoft acknowledged respawn issue

Hi Preston! The development team is currently investigating an issue with enemy respawn. Once any updates are available, they will be posted on the Far Cry page.

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