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Kanye West had a relatively quiet 2021 on the music front. This was further quietened by the pandemic which led to delays over and over again in the release of his studio album – Donda.

The rapper had confirmed the news of its arrival earlier this week alongside an Apple ad featuring the new single “No Child Left Behind”. Through this album, he gives a tribute to his mother, Donda West.

And today, a listening event was held at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium which was attended by around 42,000 fans who paid between $20-$100 per ticket.

Kim Kardashian, who filed for divorce from Kanye in February, was also in attendance.

The Benz

The event was also telecasted via Apple Music’s live stream and a dedicated listening event page.

Missed it all? Worry not, for Spotify has come to the rescue! While Donda has indeed been confirmed to release on Spotify, a definitive release date is yet to be provided, so you may have to wait a while.

There is plenty of buzz on social media created by fans waiting eagerly for the album to drop on Spotify. Some go as far as refreshing the music streaming app constantly in anticipation.


Yes, folks, we get you’re excited! But we are also positive that a release on Spotify will be accompanied by an announcement. When that happens, we will be updating this article, so stay tuned.

Still, it’s great to see that fans who could not obtain tickets or enjoy the Donda stream can also listen to it soon through Spotify.

“Donda” album art

FYI, the album is composed of 11 tracks, the first being “Donda” (of course), followed by 10 more bangers. The names of all of them have been listed below.

“No Child Left Behind”
“New Again”
“I Know God Breathed on This”
“You’re Gonna Be OK”
“Come to Life”


Kanye’s last album, Jesus Is King, was his ninth studio album and was released in October 2019, through Good Music and distributed by Def Jam Recordings.

The album followed a spiritual, Christian theme, with West describing it as “an expression of the gospel.”

Update 1 (July 24)

While fans are left waiting, it’s now coming out that Kanye has pushed forward Donda’s release to August 06. The information was shared by the official Twitter handle of the host Of The Respectfully Justin Show, and here’s what they shared:


Additionally, fans are curious not only on Spotify but Apple Music too as the album hasn’t been released on that platform as well.

Update 2 (July 26)

As for the developments on the matter, former Apple Music Curator Dylan Farella recently shared on Twitter:

#DONDA been in production all day. Finishing up mixing now. Soon to the DSPs. Should drop by midnight. Worth the wait.

They also mentioned:

Remember the album drops on Kanye’s time and Kanye’s time alone. Unless this is your first rollout you know anything can happen.

While what they said earlier gave fans some hope, later on, Dylan added:

Nothing is ever confirmed. Not today. Not August 6th either.

Meaning the August 06 release information should be taken with a pinch of salt, as things might change last minute.

Update 3 (August 06)

Kanye West’s livesteam event for Donda has come to an end. It was streaming on Apple Music but the album is yet to go live on the platform. Spotify subscribers on the other hand are still out of luck.

Update 4 (August 07)

The Strapped! Hip-Hop/Rap News Twitter account shared a screenshot highlighting that the new placeholder date on iTunes for Donda is August 15.

Of course, this does not guarantee that the album will be released on the mentioned date. Moreover, there’s still no official word for the availability of the album on Spotify.

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Update 5 (August 08)

A new report highlights the reality of the situation where fans were baffled to know that the album is still unfinished. Many have started posting memes due to the unexpected delay. Kanye is yet to share an official date for the release of Donda.

Update 6 (August 09)

Apple Music has now listed Donda but the album is not available for streaming and the listing notes August 15 as the big day when the much-awaited album will be available. However, some other sites suggest August 15.

Update 7 (August 10)

New reports now indicate that Kanye West is moving to New Stadium in order to finish production of the ‘DONDA’ album, more on that here.

Update 8 (August 12)

Kanye is at it again, setting records as new info surfacing now indicate that the second live stream from the Mercedes-Benz stadium was watched by 5.4 million viewers, making Kanye West’s latest ‘Donda’ event the Most-Watched Apple Music Livestream EVER. More on that here.

Update 9 (August 13)

DJ Akademiks has shared a screenshot of iTunes on Instagram which shows that Donda has been postponed yet again and the new expected release date is August 22.


Update 10 (August 14)

While there’s still no confirmed date for Donda to drop, it seems Kanye West fans are making do with existing songs as his streams have reportedly increased dramatically since the announcement of the live event.

Update 11 (August 16)

Mike Dean has recently tweeted confirming a few things. First, it confirmed that Donda is still being worked on despite claims that it would drop August 15, and secondly, it proves that Dean is still involved with the album despite a series of different tweets suggesting otherwise.

Update 12 (August 17)

Now, the description of the Kanye West Album, DONDA, has been updated on Apple Music as fans look at yet another looming postponement.

Update 13 (August 18)

A fresh report has highlighted a fan-theory that has grabbed the attention of Kanye fans around the world. The theory titled “Kanye West wants to make the first official unreleased album” suggests that “Donda is an album that has materialized itself into existence without being officially released.”

You can read the full theory here:

Update 14 (August 19)

New reports now indicate that Kanye plans to hold a third Donda listening event next week. More on that here.

05:54 pm: The Instagram post by Kanye West has since been deleted. What this means for the Donda launch remains to be seen.

Update 15 (August 20)

11:32 am: In what is quickly looking like a big joke, Kanye West’s Manager has now come out to say that ‘Donda’ will Absolutely be released next week. This, even against a backdrop of a lot of backlash from Kanye’s fans over how this launch has been handled.

Update 16 (August 27)

10:32 am: The third and hopefully final Donda listening party is underway in Chicago at Soldier Field. If you’re not watching it live already, then click here to begin watching it via Apple Music.

Update 17 (August 28)

10:59 am: A fresh report has highlighted various issues or rather shortcomings with Kanye West’s recent Donda performance at Soldier Field. Despite the long wait, there’s still no date set in stone for the release of Donda, forget about the availability on Spotify.

Update 18 (August 30)

10:13 am: Well, the long wait is finally over as now, Kanye West’s Donda album has finally dropped on, not just Spotify, but also all other popular streaming platforms including Deezer and Apple Music.

Update 19 (October 06)

IST 12:03 PM: A section of fans now note that Spotify isn’t playing any songs from Donda for them. Some suggest that the songs were all replaced.

It remains unclear what the underlying issue really is but we shall continue to keep an eye and report back with more info when we get it.

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