Pokemon Unite aware of issue where players with unstable internet connections get moved to matches with AI opponents

Pokemon Unite is a free multiplayer online video game that is available on Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch. Since its release in July 2021, it has gradually become one of the famous battle arena video game.

In a single match, there are two teams against each other consisting of five players each. The members of these teams need to score points by defeating the players of the other team.

However, there are also several other hindrances that the players need to get through. At last, the team with the maximum points wins the game.


It seems a pretty interesting video game, right? But lately, some players of Pokemon Unite are facing problems while playing the game.

As per the reports, the players with unstable internet connections are automatically moved to matches with AI opponents. And at the end, it shows the original lobby results instead of the AI matches.


Anyone else have issues with matches? Both ranked and Unranked seem to have AI and they don’t score or do anything but then my team forfeits the match automatically. It’s been 3 games and nothings change. I wonder if the update bugged something. (Source)

So I have been in several matches in ranked, standard, and quick- where nobody fights each other, doesn’t score, and when we hit a certain time limited we vote to surrender.

Is it an in joke? Am I being punk’d? I KNOW its not AI cause ai fight and score goals. I lost my rank dew to this. (Source)

In detail – If 10 players are playing the game, the one player affected by this bug automatically shifts to play against AI, while the other nine are playing the real game.

Moreover, the character of that one affected gamer appears as such he/she is away from the keyboard. The players usually get points that add to MVP at the end of the game.

But due to the bug, none of the players gets MVP. And for that one playing against AI, the score shows hundreds of points even when they are losing the game.

This issue completely disrupts the gameplay experience and users get frustrated being affected by such an annoying bug.

Fortunately, Pokemon Unite has acknowledged the issue and it is currently under investigation. However, no ETA has been provided as to when these bugs will be completely fixed.


We hope that the company fixes them as soon as possible so that the gamers can once again enjoy the game as usual.

That said, we will surely remind you as and when these glitches of the Pokemon Unite get fixed. In the meantime, you can catch up with the latest on games in our dedicated gaming section.

Featured Image Source – Pokemon Unite

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