PSA: Some YouTube/YouTube Kids music content (Official Artist Channels) don't support channel blocking on supervised account

YouTube is among the most visited video sharing platforms across the globe with over a billion monthly users. Hundreds of videos get uploaded to YouTube everyday and many content creators make a living due to the platform.

However, not all content available on YouTube is suitable for tweens and even teens which is why YouTube Kids was launched in 2015. This platform allowed parents to keep tabs on their children’s YouTube activity.

YouTube kids
YouTube Kids

Since YouTube Kids is specifically meant for children below 13 years, teens may feel a little too restricted while using it. This is where YouTube supervised experience comes into picture.

With a YouTube supervised account, parents can easily monitor and control their teenagers’ YouTube activity while also allowing them access to the standard YouTube platform.

YouTube supervised experience offers 3 content restriction levels, limited features for age appropriate experience, and much more. Head here to know more about YouTube supervised experience.


YouTube supervised experience was announced earlier this year and it went into the beta stage in March 2021. A Google Support Community Manager has recently shed some light on a new feature.

Parents can now block channels from their children’s supervised account on YouTube Kids and YouTube. However, channel blocking on YouTube supervised account is currently not available for some music content.

Channel blocking via a supervised account is currently not available for YouTube music channels which are listed as Official Artist Channels. To know more about Official Artist Channel, head here.


It is still possible that channel blocking support for Official Artist Channels might arrive for YouTube supervised account in the future.

This is still based on speculation as Google has not provided much clarity on why Official Artist Channels can not be blocked via YouTube supervised account.

However, it is still good to see that individual channel blocking support has been added to YouTube supervised account making the platform even more safe for children and parents to use.


That said, we will keep tracking the development of YouTube supervised experience and will report back as and when we get new information to share so stay tuned.

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