iOS 15 update hasn't fixed Apple Music issue with splitting albums, as per some user reports (temporary workaround inside)

In the last few years, Apple Music has dominated the market with its vast collection of songs. The library consists of more than 75 million songs that can be enjoyed in lossless audio.

Recently, Apple introduced spatial audio and dynamic head tracking features, which were welcomed by many. The best part about Apple Music is that it allows users to download their favorite music and listen to them on the go.

And it goes without saying that Apple Music subscribers use the app to sync their music across all devices.

However, some users recently reported issues with the app where audiobooks were disappearing and others complaining about the search function not working on the macOS app.


Now, users are reporting another issue with the service. Many say that Apple Music is splitting their albums even after the release of iOS 15., which is really frustrating if you love to organize your music in an arranged manner.

People say they have to clean up their library every once in a while so they can listen to the full album without any interruptions. You can take a look at how the albums are split in the image down below.

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It does this to me sometimes too, weirdly. I don’t know why. Usually, just changing the album name to something else (like Poop) causes them to come together and then I just change it back to the real name. But it’s definitely an annoying issue to have.

Yes any album split is an all my devices. The splits did not show in google play for the five years it was my iTunes replacement nor do they show in Marvis Pro

Users have tried redownloading and adding music to the library again but it doesn’t seem to work. One of the users even shared they got in touch with Apple Support regarding the same issue two years ago.

Apple had allegedly acknowledged the Music app splitting albums issue back then. As it turns out, Apple Music is splitting albums because of variations in the metadata of the music.

I’ve spoken to Apple support about this on the phone before. The last time was two years ago. They said it was a known issue. But clearly they’re not too concerned about fixing it, which is very disappointing considering how often it happens and how big of a mess it can create.

Fortunately, there is a workaround that may help if Apple Music is splitting many of your albums.

I’ve had this issue before. Check your metadata, if they are same the, rename both parts of the split albums to “Album name 2”, then rename. That always works for me

We hope Apple Music developers fix the splitting album issue with an update in the future. When they do, we will update this article so make sure you keep checking this space for further updates.

Also, if the workaround comes in handy, let us know in the comment section below.

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