Siri on HomePod not working or not playing music for some users after iOS 15 update

Siri is an artificial intelligence-based voice assistant available for those using the Apple ecosystem. With access to every Apple application on the device, Siri can do many things with just a voice command.

What was formerly an app on the Apple App Store was later bought by the company and released as part of the operating system in 2010.

Having said that, Siri has had some trouble identifying commands on the HomePod. A few months ago, Siri had trouble finding songs on the Homepod and responded with “I can’t find … on Apple Music”.


Now, it seems like Homepod owners are facing another issue with the voice assistant. According to reports, Homepod owners are unable to play any music after updating to iOS 15.

Many are also complaining that Siri is unable to connect to the internet even though they have internet access with all other devices working normally.

People say they have tried all the basic troubleshooting steps such as restarting the internet and the Homepod, but nothing seems to fix the issue.


Hey guys! Since updating to TVOS 15 and setting the homepod mini as a default speaker for the apple tv every time I ask siri to play music, even if the apple TV is off it, the music plays trough the apple tv. In the home app it shows the apple TV and the homepod as “playing”. Luckily it doesn’t turn on my tv but it is using the two devices and not just the homepod…

Whenever I ask siri to play any kind of music, she gives the usual: here’s a playlist just for you and then proceeds to play nothing. And then after a minute or two she says: there was a problem with apple music. I was able to get it back to working order yesterday by resetting the homepods, but no luck today. Anyone experiencing anything like this?

Here is what Apple Support has to say on the matter:

Thanks for reaching out! We’d love to help with the HomePod mini internet issue. What steps have you tried so far? We just don’t want you to repeat anything What is the exact response Siri is giving you when you have the issue? Let’s meet in DM with those answers.

We will update this article when Apple releases a patch to fix the issue so make sure you stay tuned for further updates.

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Featured image source: Apple

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