With the growing pace of internet usage, YouTube has gained enough amount of users worldwide in less than a decade. If we go by the stats officially shared, YouTube has over 500+ hours of content uploaded every minute and more than 2 billion monthly logged-in users.

This online video-sharing platform has become a workplace for a number of bloggers and content creators. While it has even become a permanent source of income for many.

With such a vastly spread ecosystem, it’s no surprise the service may have issues sometimes. As such, a well-known concern has come to light that is bothering content creators on a large scale.

Several YouTubers have reported that such videos which were the major source of their income on YouTube have suddenly dropped to no revenue level. This was an unexpected situation as the views on those videos are still the same.

Even there are no strikes or violations and the ads on videos are also running in the same way as they were beforehand. However, only some of the videos are exploited by this bug, while the others are doing well.

Several of my videos (the biggest earners) have suddenly gone to zero revenue for the last four days (since July 17th). Views are normal, no strikes or violations, ads still running.. Not all videos are affected, Here is a screen shot:- Source

While YouTube has not yet acknowledged the bug yet, the affected Youtubers are waiting for it to be resolved. As a result, many of them are losing their revenue, even after receiving enough views.

In the meantime, a Youtuber has shared a temporary workaround for this annoying issue. As per the solutions shared, this person tried to disable and enable the monetization method but eventually lost some revenue.

After enabling the monetization again, the problem was solved, but only for a limited time. As soon as the video got its pace of revenue, Youtube again pulled it back to zero, shown in the image uploaded by the Youtuber.


However, for one such affected user, this bug was automatically sorted without trying anything. While for others, the situation is still remains the same.

Mine is fixed now, everything back to normal.- Source

Though the company has not said anything regarding these sudden YouTube revenue drops, probably these incoming reports of the suffering video creators could grab Google’s attention on this matter.

Otherwise, this may lead to a continuous loss for the YouTubers, if it does not get resolved soon. We will keep you posted on this matter as soon as we receive any leads to this story, so stay tuned.

And yes, if you are also facing the same YouTube revenue drops on your video situation, then feel free to share your views in the comments box below.

You can also check our dedicated YouTube bugs and issue tracker here.

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