[Update: Sep 23] Guild Wars 2 lighting issue after recent patch to get fixed with next update, says staff member

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Original story (published on September 17, 2021) follows:

Guild Wars 2 is a popular MMORPG game that takes 250 years after the events in the original Guild Wars.

Launched in August of 2012, the game still boasts a healthy player base. Compared to the original title, it adds several new useful features, including an upgraded graphics engine.

It is frequently updated with new events and content that encourages players to continue playing. Unfortunately, it results in some issues such as players not getting credits with Istani Bounty Hunter Achievement.


Guild Wars 2 currently runs on DirectX 9 with developers upgrading it to DirectX 11 in the coming days. Having said that, the developers recently updated the game which is now reportedly causing some issues.

Players are reporting that there is something wrong with Guild Wars 2 lighting that is making the game look dull and dark.

Many say that the game is now unplayable for them. You can see for yourself how the game is looking for some in the image below:

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I’m running vanilla, no lighting addons, and everything looks messed up from a lighting perspective. This is almost making me miss when turning all visual effects up to maximum would result in eye-searing levels of bloom, because now it feels like a lot of the lighting sources that are in the game are no longer generate any area lighting at all. Multiple people were commenting on how ominously dark the lord room in SMC looks now as well.

Yeah i very much doubt it’s intentional as well… It just looks extremely off and for me personally it veers on making the game unplayable, it’s so dark that you can’t even make out anything most of the time. Here’s hoping this gets fixed again asap

While players initially pointed out that the ‘d912pxy’ add-on messed up the Guild Wars 2 lighting, others said that they were facing the issue without any add-on installed.

Interestingly, only certain parts of the game are affected by the issue, with the game looking just fine in other parts.

I don’t run dx912pxy and the Deepstone Fractal was super super dark. I couldn’t even see which floor tiles were missing in the corners. I have updated my AMD gfx drivers in the past couple of days, maybe i need to revert to old version?

Several players have attributed the issue in relation to the upcoming DirectX 11 update that will upgrade the game lighting as well. After several users voiced their concerns, the developers have acknowledged the issue.

A staff member shared that they will be addressing the lighting issue in the coming update.

Thank you for the reports, everyone. We’re working on a fix for this and expect to have it out with the September 21 release.

We will update this article when the issue is fixed so make you keep checking this space.

Update 1 (September 23)

01:25 pm (IST): This issue has been reportedly fixed in the latest update and you can learn more on that here.

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Featured image source: Guild Wars 2

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