When it comes to the security of our home we all become concerned and choosy while making choices over the best security solutions. In that case, Google’s Nest lineups of cameras are one of the best options to go by.

Google has recently launched its newest battery-powered Nest Camera, which was made available for users last month. It comes with a compact size and can be installed anywhere as it works without a power supply unit.

However, the new Nest Cam doesn’t seem to satisfy most of its customers. The consumers who have been using this product for a couple of days have shared their feedback which isn’t up to expectation.


I just got the new Google Nest Cam (Battery) and the video quality is atrocious, on a gigabit network, while plugged in. What gives with the poor quality? – Source

The night vision on the new cam battery is pretty terrible vs the IQ outdoor, however the camera in my back yard is almost useless at night. Does anyone have suggestions on improving the visibility? Currently it is close to zero. – Source

As per the reports, the video quality of the Google Nest Cam is very poor and is unable to show the outdoor scenes clearly in low light conditions.

The night vision of the battery camera is foggy with considerably more amount of noise compared to the wired camera.

Moreover, a user even reported some bugs with the Google Home app that is used to view the cameras.

The Home app is unable to show all the cameras at once. The wired camera takes time to show, while the battery camera does not open until you click on the view live option.

Another user stated that the new Nest Cam stops recording for around 20 minutes and when it starts recording again, it goes all grainy and noisy.

At first, the Nest Cam Battery seemed to be more useful as it don’t require a power outlet and a wired setup.

But after experiencing the camera for a while, it completely seems to disappoint the users in terms of video quality.

The below-mentioned image shared by a user clearly shows Google Nest Cam’s poor video quality in front of the original Nest camera (wired).


The security cameras are meant to keep an eye on the surroundings 24/7. So, they are expected to capture the details well enough. Meanwhile, Google’s new battery camera has failed to provide such a service.

As a result, the owners of Nest Cam are going back to Google to return the product. While the company has not yet responded as to why the new battery camera has such blurriness while recording in low light conditions.

If you are also facing Google Nest Cam Battery poor video quality issues in low light conditions then feel free to share your views in our comment section below.

We will keep you posted if anything from the official source comes up regarding this newly launched security camera.

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