[Update: Fixed] Adobe aware of lag issue on macOS Big Sur with Patch & Lasso selection tools after Photoshop 22.5 update (workaround inside)

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Original story (published on September 09, 2021) follows:

Adobe Photoshop is easily the most powerful and feature-rich image editing software you can find across both macOS and Windows. Its iPadOS, iOS, and Android apps are pretty great too.

The tool gets updated quite frequently with new features and bug fixes. The latest version is 22.5 that brings along a new Sky Preset fly-out menu, new Transform Warp options, and an improved in-app Discover.

But unfortunately, not all is well with the update. We previously highlighted how Adobe Photoshop users got furious after the v22.5 update removed Spherical Panorama and other 3D features.

As if that wasn’t enough, there are now several complaints doing rounds on forums about a lag issue on macOS Big Sur with Patch and Lasso selection tools following the Adobe Photoshop 22.5 update.


I just updated to the latest version 22.5.0 on a a Mac Mini M1. Everything was great and now the “Patch Selection” tool is sluggish when a selection is made. Meaning: as I make a selection rather than an immediate showing of the “marching ants” is stick for a few seconds as a solid line that can’t be moved.

Just installed the last version for both mac and PS and i have the same lag issue with patch and lasso tool. All recommended Action plans are failing.

As clear from the above, multiple tools have become laggy following the update including the patch selection and lasso tools.

Patch selection is being described as sluggish when a selection is made. The tool gets stuck for a few seconds as a solid line that cannot be moved around.

As for the Lasso tool, it lags when closing shapes – there’s a delay of 2 to 3 seconds when making a selection.

Thankfully, the Adobe Photoshop 22.5 lag problems on macOS Big Sur should all be resolved soon because an Adobe employee has informed that they have logged the bug and that their engineering team is already working on a fix.


Further, as a workaround, the Adobe employee recommended rolling back to Adobe Photoshop version 22.4.3. This can be done easily by using the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app.

For now, feel free to check out our similar past coverages on Adobe Photoshop-related bugs and issues along with workarounds, if any, through our dedicated section for the same.

Update 1 (September 18)

04:35 pm (IST): An Adobe employee has confirmed that the issue with the lasso and patch tools has been fixed with the 22.5.1 update that rolled out a couple of days ago.

This issue should be fixed by the 22.5.1 update which was released yesterday. (Source)

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