If you are into video games, you must have heard of the popular multiplayer survival horror title Dead by Daylight. The game is developed by Behaviour Interactive Inc and was released back in 2016.

Unlike other multiplayer titles, Dead by Daylight is a 4v1 survival horror game where one of the players assumes the role of the savage killer who wants to sacrifice people to a dark force known as the Entity. Other players try to survive by hiding and avoid getting caught.

Apart from the in-game characters, the game also features some notable characters from other franchises such as Left 4 Dead, A Night on Elm Street, Saw, Evil Dead, and many more.


While the killer has a first-person perspective, the survivors can view their surroundings in the third person. Moreover, the survivors cannot kill the killer but only stun or blind them so they can escape.

Having said that, players are now reporting a bunch of bugs and issues with the game. The first one affects the recently introduced survivor Jill Valentine.

While Jill is pretty young, it looks her face is showing signs of age with her looking weird because of a bug. Although this does not affect her gameplay in any sense, it is quite hilarious considering Jill’s face bug has popped up a second time in Dead by Daylight.

Despite the developers fixing it last time, it looks like it is back once again. You can look at Jill looking weird in the image below:


i noticed something was a little off.. anyone else notice Jill’s face is also messed up again?

What happened to Jill’s face again? you left the giant cheeks again, they had corrected them but now they’re screwed up again. Fix it please

The second bug is quite funny since it causes everyone in the Dead by Daylight lobby to wear the same outfit. However, players say that the characters wear their respective clothes once the game starts.

The same outfit bug might cause a lot of confusion if players are not on voice chat since others have no way of knowing what character their teammates have chosen until they get in the game.


OMG we had this last night!!! Everyone in the same outfit but when we got in the game, everyone was dressed differently

@Behaviour Strange bug in the latest @DeadByBHVR patch shows other players in the lobby pre-match as wearing your exact outfit. Their outfit does not change if you swap yours after the lobby is loaded.

Last but not the least, players are reporting an issue with Blight’s collision. In case you are unaware, Blight is one of the hardest killers to play in the game. He has the power to collide with objects but the bug makes not collide amongst other things.

The broken collision system makes it almost impossible to slam into stuff. It looks like the issue persists because of the character’s small hitbox.


@DeadByBHVR Blight’s collision is bugged, and it makes slipping around objects much more difficult. Considering the surf was approved by the lead Blight dev, this update doesn’t fix any slippery issues and will ultimately just make him harder to play for new players.

Especially regarding Blight & collision detection. Getting him sorted on controller before he left was awesome but he’s still a slidey boy. Wonder if someone will be up to the task to fix that.

While there is no official acknowledgment from Behaviour Interactive right now, we hope the developers fix the aforementioned issues soon so players can enjoy the game once again.

We will update this space once we have more information about these issues so make sure you keep an eye out.

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Featured image source: Steam

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