[Updated] Here's why Chivalry 2 party or invite system is not working; Missing Special Edition or pre-order items/currency glitch being investigated

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Original story (published on June 10, 2021) follows:

Chivalry 2 came out pretty recently on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series X/S, and Microsoft Windows.

The multiplayer action game is gaining a lot of popularity, however, some issues have been spoiling the user experience.

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Multiple reports suggest that the Chivalry 2 cross-platform/cross-generation feature known as party or invite system is not working.

This is further preventing those on different platforms or even different console generations to play Chivalry 2 together as the said functionality is currently not enabled in the stable release.

It seems that the game developer, Torn Banner Studios, is working to bring the cross-platform/cross-generation party or invite system in upcoming updates.


However, it is unclear how long it will take to fix the issue where the Chivalry 2 party or invite system is not working.

Apart from that, players have also been reporting about the missing Special Edition or pre-order items/currency glitch.

This issue has also been acknowledged officially but similar to the previous issue, no ETA for a fix has been provided.


Since Chivalry 2 came out quite recently, it is only natural for some bugs and issues to occur as long as they are being taken care of.

The Chivalry 2 team is also aware of an issue where the Matchmaking/Quick Play options are not working along with login issues.

However, it is still good to see that all the said issues have been acknowledged and are being looked into.

(Source 1, 2, 3)

Hopefully, Torn Banner Studios addresses all major issues with Chivalry 2 so that users can play the game without any hassle.

That said, we will report back with more details as and when we get new information to share so stay tuned.

Update 1 (June 11)

The developers have acknowledged a bunch of bugs and issues in Chivalry 2 post the official launch and are actively working to iron out these issues according to the official blog post.

Here’s a list of the bugs and issues that the team is currently aware of:

– Some PlayStation 5 users having matchmaking difficulties
– Missing Special Edition and pre-order items
– PlayStation 5 and Xbox users not receiving purchased crowns
– XBox Series S not running at 60 FPS
– Some keybind changes not saving

– Selected weapon not remaining selected
– Customization not saving in some cases
– Decreased server performance on full matchmaking servers
– Not receiving gold after completing the tutorial
– Player feedback surrounding bots and their presence in certain match-types

Apart from that, the team has confirmed that Xbox cross-generation party support is live and PS4 – PS5 cross-gen support is on their immediate to-do list.

However, cross-play support may still be far off as the feature is still being evaluated by the team.

Update 2 (June 12)

The Chivalry 2 team has now also acknowledged the glitch that continuously awards in-game currency to people who have purchased the Special Edition version of Chivalry 2 on consoles and are working on resolving it.

The team will be making backend changes and will remove all the extra currency rewarded to players due to the glitch. In case players spent more than they were supposed to get, the value will be zeroed out rather than going into a negative value.

Further, players who made purchases with this over-awarded currency will retain ownership of those items and they will not be revoked. Apart from that, the team has confirmed that missing Special Edition perks should now be properly sent out.

In case you’re still missing the Special Edition perks, then you should fill up this form so that the team can look into the matter.

Update 3 (June 14)

Incoming are a few workarounds for the Matchmaking glitch that you can try hands-on. Firstly, while automatic matchmaking is broken, one can manually choose a server and play on it. Here’s how this can be done on PC:

Select the Server Browser button on the main screen> You’ll see the list of available servers to play on> Filter out the servers that are full and those that are empty> Select any of the available servers and you should be able to play.

Secondly, you can play Offline practice (that allows playing versus bots) until the devs resolve the glitches. And lastly, a fix for consoles is to disable crossplay (Settings> Select the game tab in the settings> Scroll all the way down to the bottom to the crossplay option and disable it.

Update 4 (June 15)

Regarding the matchmaking issues faced by some, trying different modes is what appears to be helping some users, so you can give it a try. Apart from that, using the PS4 version on your PS5 is another trick that should help.

Here’s what Torn Banner says:

Matchmaking appears to now be functioning as intended in Chivalry 2. We appreciate your patience and look forward to seeing you all on the battlefield. We are keeping our eyes on this should other issues arrive.

**TIP from Torn banner:**While we work to resolve our Chivalry 2 launch matchmaking issues, we are getting reports that some players are having more success by trying different modes if the current mode they are trying to matchmake on is unsuccessful.

Use the ps4 version of the game on your ps5. When you bought it you got both versions.

Additionally, while cross-platform parties aren’t in the game, as of now, they’ll be added soon. Also there ain’t any info regarding the broken party invited as yet. A lot of other known issues have also been disclosed (head here for the details).

Update 5 (June 16)

The issue where the Special Edition items are missing is still being investigated but an official workaround is to install the PS4 version of Chivalry 2 and logging in. Doing so will add the Special Edition items to the account and players can revert to the PS5 version afterwards.

To PS5 users missing Special Edition items: while we continue to investigate this issue a temp workaround for this is to install the PS4 version of Chivalry 2 and log-in. Doing this will add your Special Edition items to your account and you can switch back to the PS5 version.

Update 6 (June 17)

The developers of the game have shared their take on cross-party while responding to a user-query. Here’s what they say:

Crossplay is 100% in the game, cross party is something the team is investigating for the future. Current plans have a server browser being added to the console versions so players can more easily find and join their friends on other platforms.

Additionally, the Trello issue board includes the ‘Party invite issues’ in patch 1, so the players can expect a solution soon.

Update 7 (June 18)

One of our readers has offered up an excellent overview of the situation. Here’s what they have to say:

There are 2 types of party issues that are intentionally being confused by Torn Banner to avoid having a real discussion about what crossplay means to gamers. There are same platform party problem that they are referring too and working to fix asap.

Then apparently there’s a “new feature” that is crossplay PARTIES (the ability to join a group with your different platform friends and queue into games together). Apparently when this game was released Crossplay didnt include the ability to play with friends, only join games with randoms on other consoles.

The developers have only officially stated that they will resolve the same platform party issues and have said nothing about including crossplay Parties; that is considered an additional “feature” and currently has no scheduled release date.

Many thanks for sharing the information, Chris Pateridis!

Update 8 (June 19)

Chivalry 2 Trello board has now been updated saying the patch 2 will be coming by June end or July beginning and will bring friends on other platforms.

Additionally, PS4 to PS5 cross-gen Party support is also being worked on, but there is no ETA for arrival as yet. Following are the details:

Phase 2 (imminent):
We are working to provide immediate solutions for you to play Chivalry 2 with friends on other platforms.
– A console Server Browser will arrive with Patch 2 (ETA: Late June or early July). Players on different platforms will be able to find and join the same server together, but not by using a Party system.
– Further improvements to the Server Browser will come in the planned Content Update 1 and future updates. Players on consoles will have better filtering and server search options.

Phase 3 (in progress)
– PS4 to PS5 cross generation Party support is currently being worked on, however a release timeline is not yet established

Phase 4 (timeline unknown):
We know that players are frustrated by the lack of cross-platform Parties and we hear your concerns. Cross-platform Parties were not a planned feature for launch.
– The implementation of full cross-platform Parties is still being evaluated before any further details can be provided. This cannot be resolved immediately. We hope to give transparent updates to the community whenever possible.

Update 9 (June 21)

Going by the information coming from Chivalry 2, for those of you encountering matchmaking failed errors, restarting the game may help.

If you’re having matchmaking failed errors on PlayStation try restarting the game. It’s an issue we are aware of but a game restart should fix it in the mean time.

Update 10 (June 25)

Chivalry 2 has now shared about the upcoming update, which is expected to bring along some bug fixes and improvements.

Our first cross platform patch, including many bug fixes & improvements, is in QA & going through a process of verification & validation.
While we can’t give an exact date, we want to assure players that we are hard at work, we hear your concerns, & improvements are coming soon!

Update 11 (June 26)

The Chivalry 2 team has shared an update on the missing Special Edition or pre-order items/currency glitch via Twitter and has also confirmed that once this issue is resolved, the items will be granted automatically to those who are missing them.

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Update 12 (June 29)

Chivalry 2 has shared the patch notes for the upcoming update (version 2.0.1, scheduled for later this week) which includes a lot of bug fixes. Here’s what teh patch notes say regarding parties:

PC – Fixed an issue with online presence not updating properly which prevented players from joining and getting into games as a party. For example, if a player is invited to join a party but is already in one, you will receive a message stating ‘ is already in a party. We expect more improvements in the next update as well.
Fixed an issue where parties dropped out after a match ended and were unintentionally sent back to the main menu
Added a visual indicator that someone in a party cannot be invited to another party

PC – If you are in a match and accept a party invite, you will now be sent to the main menu to join the party
Fixed an issue where a party member was not brought into the game with the game leader when using the server browser
Accepting a party invite while in-game will no longer cover the disconnects prompt with the controls screen
The queue timer will no longer continue to countdown if ownership is transferred from the party leader after starting a matchmaking session
The party member icon will no longer disappear from the scoreboard after being in a party while loading another session from a prior one
Set party voice playback to use same device output as the game audio
Party members will now see a voice indication in the UI for themselves and other party members when speaking

The patchnotes go on talking about other elemnts too.

The Xbox Series S will now play at the intended 60 frames per second!
Fixed a performance issue where player corpses would negatively impact performance.
Improved overall performance during the Lionspire banner stage
Fixed some movement correction that happened while jumping
Reduced players’ ability to significantly backwards drag before a swing
Fixed an issue where players visually sprinted sideways too much in third-person.
Active riposte and counter durations now continue for remaining duration if attack is feinted/transitions to heavy attack
Fixed attacking queuing issues, so players will now be able to more successfully initiate a follow up parry, attack, or dash

Kick/Jab/Special cooldown is now refreshed when entering Interrupting states
Fixed server movement corrections on dodging and jumping (caused visual jittering to occur for players)
Bandage kits no longer deal damage to teammates. Friendly archers are better at this already!
Fixed an issue where player could get stuck with fists and unable to attack after climbing ladder
Fixed an issue where initiating a combat action immediately after doing a VO line did not work. Get your taunts ready!
Fixed a bug with the Greatsword parry where player collision would not match their position when their parry was broken
Temporarily disabled 1 handed spear to rework animation sets and make it more readable
Added missing impact sounds and impact sparks
Added a cooldown when using a Kick into an attack
Fixed an issue where picking up a damaged constructible would cause it to be invulnerable next time it is placed

Visually fixed the players feet not moving during a jump and when landing a jump
Fixed sprint turn animation not being in sync between clients in third-person
Fixed animation popping in 1P/3P when cancelling attack into another attack
Fixed an animation break that occurred when attacking right after Parry recovery
Removed sliding that occurred when attacking while strafing forward in third-person
Fixed legs being stuck in idle while moving around and fighting
Fixed animation freezes after getting hit during a heavy slash feint to jab with a shield
Fixed server physics for interrupts not playing animations
Fixed animation stutters with combo to (alt) feint

Fixed an Xbox crash that occurred when resuming from a suspended state (while on the Store menu), and when attempting to use save data from an Xbox One X console on an Xbox Series S console
Fixed a PS4/PS5 crash that occurred when loading into the tutorial
Fixed a crash that could occur when dismounting a ladder
Fixed a crash during post-game screen transition
Fixed issue where Crossbowman could get disconnected from server during regular gameplay

Removed various exploits used to equip locked items
Fixed hair not adjusting to the characters head sizes
Fixed white/grey hair colour not being able to be equipped. (Malric’s grandmother could not be more excited!)
Fixed an issue where female heads would reset to male head

Added more tickets to the map Fighting Pit. So do what you do best Knights, die more!
Fixed visual issue with large doors in Fighting Pit not visually opening
Removed center spawns in FFA Tournament Grounds for balancing purposes
Fixed an issue where players sometimes missed the initial spawn at the start of a match

Fixed server browser max player counts not displaying correctly
Fixed issue where loadout screen weapon info doesn’t update on class change
Fixed missing voice UI to indicate a party member was talking (speaking icon)
Fixed various flow issues surrounding parties (maintaining party status after a match ends, etc)
Fixed various missing localizations

Thrown weapon impacts are now using the proper sound sets. They’ll now sound a bit less like an 80s arcade fighter game.
Commander battlecries have been made LOUDER, they may have had too much ale pre-battle
Party voice playback now uses same device output as the game audio
Various audio sound effect mix refinements

Other Changes
Improved matchmaking for PlayStation Users receiving “matchmaking failed” messages
Fixed an issue where teams sometimes started overly imbalanced after a map travel. The Order will have to find some new way to come out on top.
Made tweaks to class, global, and weapon xp requirements
Updated Crown prices across regions

Update 13 (June 30)

The Chivalry team has confirmed that the update will go live for all platforms simultaneously meaning that players on all platforms will get all the sweet new bug fixes and improvements together.

It will be a simultaneous release on all platforms. (Source)

Update 14 (July 03)

According to Chivalry 2 support, the update version 2.0.1 release has been delayed due to unexpected roadblocks. Also, it is unclear how long it will take for the said update to come out.

Knights, unfortunately, we have hit some unexpected roadblocks in the process of releasing Patch 2.0.1 across all platforms. As such, we will not be releasing the patch as scheduled this week.

Update 15 (July 08)

A Reddit community mod has now given users a status update regarding party with friends. Here’s what they say:

If you want to party up with friends then maybe wait for the next patch or two to drop. The party system needs work. It will also depend on what platforms you and they use.

The game is fine for playing on your own in big team objective maps.

Update 16 (July 09)

Incoming is the latest status update from Chivalry 2 regarding the Special Edition and Pre-order perks. Here’s what they shared regarding the matter in a series of tweets:

At this time, we invite PS5 retail owners to reach out to our CS team (https://support.chivalry2.com/en/tickets/create/step1) to help us grant them their missing SE and/or Pre-order perks. Please include your voucher code(s) for us to verify, which can be found inside the steelbook insert.

PS5 Special Edition digital owners: we ask that you install the PS4 version to have your SE content properly granted to your account at this time.

You can choose the Game Version to install by hitting Options on the App Tile > Press App Version > Select PS4 from the menu.

If you are still without your Special Edition perks but are not a PS5 user, you can also reach out to our customer support (http://chivalry2.com/support) and we will investigate if an error has occurred with your Special Edition.

Please note, it may take our support agents time to get through these manual requests but it is one of our top priorities.

We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

Update 17 (July 10)

While the party system issue may take time to get fixed officially, one Redditor claimed that launching the Epic Launcher in admin mode resolved the glitch for them.

My friend and I had problems partying up on PC too. He couldn’t sent invites and he didn’t receive my invites.

We fixed the problem by launching the Epic Launcher in admin mode. (Source)

Update 18 (July 11)

The game director addressed the community talking about delayed patch release. This could be one of the reasons why fixing the party invite is also taking time.

We’re about as frustrated with the launch process of this patch as the community is and just everything that could go wrong has gone wrong with this patch in particular.

Some hopefully good info though: This patch has been ready for well over a month and we’ve had a series of launch complications across all platforms making for a perfect storm.

We’re backed up on both content and further patches because of this (in launching them, not in developing them), once we clear patch 1 all the backed up work will clear up and we’ll be able to rapidly deploy updates and get the backed up work out

They further added:

We’re really sorry for the mixed updates, we’ve been on the cusp of launching it and then another blocker pops up, we’re almost there though and future proofing heavily for future updates as it’s unacceptable by our standards to have it be delayed this much, it’s been unbelievable.

We’re still gonna get a ton of content out for the game as we’ve committed to and the development pace on it is really good, this is really just an issue of locking down and launching the patch and not a development pace issue.

Update 19 (July 15)

Chivalry 2 has now come up with a post explaining the delay in patch 2.0.1, and here’s what they have to say:

Hello Knights! Today we’d like to take a bit of a deeper dive into the patching process regarding our first update, and explain in further detail some of the challenges we’ve come up against.

Why we ran into issues:
We previously mentioned that “we have hit some unexpected roadblocks” with releasing Chivalry 2 Patch 2.0.1 (the current ETA of the Chivalry 2 Patch 2.0.1 is set for July) but up until this point have not gone into much detail about what these roadblocks have been.

During a final round of QA verification, issues with matchmaking were discovered that required more robust testing for us to feel comfortable with the release of this update. The act of checking for issues, bugs, and verifying content (quality assurance) is something that occurs throughout the patching process.

When a patch is in the process of being verified, a date is targeted to release that patch. This is when we felt confident enough to release the patch notes for Patch 2.0.1 early, with the assumption we would be able to issue the patch within a couple days time. However, after the Patch 2.0.1 patch notes were posted, additional issues were discovered in the final testing phases that would have broken the matchmaking process for a portion of the population. While the fixes in this patch would have also improved matchmaking for others, we did not want to make the experience worse for a subset of players in order to achieve this. Unfortunately, this issue wasn’t immediately apparent during testing. While it appeared in working order for the player at first, after some time it would malfunction and then continue to malfunction more frequently.

While it was a difficult decision, we decided to not move forward with Patch 2.0.1 in that state, which meant we had to start from the beginning of the entire process again – fixing the issues presented, more closely combing through the build, and then entering the release check process once more.

Why not hotfix?
In hindsight, we at Torn Banner Studios agree that if we knew this delay and struggle to patch the game would be the case, a smaller PC party hotfix patch would have been ideal to fix the ongoing party issues for PC players. We made the plan early on to release Patch 2.0.1 with the list of fixes that are included in it (in the patch notes), and this patch was prepared and under QA and in the process to reach its slated June release – until setbacks pushed it back.

At current, a hotfix cannot be prepared due to the complex nature of how these patches are worked on internally (also known as branches that separate builds live on). We already have internal builds for the next two patches that are being worked on, including things like more fixes and our new map, Galencourt. Pulling out specific changes from these builds is not feasible in terms of time, how much underlying code has changed between builds, QA work, and patch stability.

During the development process, games go through many phases of QA testing. These stages include individual systems being tested, to what is called “halo testing”—testing only around changed content and code—to full user path and “soak” testing where the entire game is checked over by QA in some fashion. At this early point in the game’s life cycle, most if not all of these aspects are part of the verification process, as skipping one comes with some inherent risk, as was seen in this update check. However, as the game stabilizes and matures, the team will be able to release more frequent updates to target specific issues as needed.

Looking to the future:
This process has been a difficult learning experience for our team. We know from the player experience, this is also frustrating for you as well. We want to assure players that other development work continues on post launch content and features (as seen in the Roadmap). Once we are able to get over this Patch 2.0.1 hurdle, we will strive to continue to further fine tune the QA and patch process with each new update that comes out.

We very much appreciate your patience and support during this time, as we know it’s been frustrating waiting for the game to be updated. We want to assure you that we are committed to making the improvements that need to be made in order to set us into the right direction.

Update 20 (July 26)

Chivalry 2 has bagged yet another update that brings a bunch of new fixes and improvements, including a fix for the bug which prevented players from joining or getting into games as a party.

Unfortunately, the issue with party invites failing for friends on the Epic Games Store is still present along with the bug where only the party leader enters a game successfully.

Update 21 (August 06)

The Chivalry 2 team has confirmed that a fix for the Party system bugs and issues will be arriving very soon as they’ve added the “Imminent” label to the card on the official Trello board.

Update 22 (August 12)

The latest Chivalry 2: House Galencourt (2.1.0) update brings some massive changes including a bunch of fixes for various issues with parties and matchmaking. Here’s a snippet from the patch notes:


PC – Fixed a case where EGS Friends could not see each other as online and invites were not received – we are still investigating other cases. You can help speed this up by letting us know what region you (and your party) are in, network types (NAT restriction), and firewall/security software may be in use
PC – Fixed an issue where multiple players could be the party leader, players accepting a party invite are no longer made into the party leader
Console – Fixed an issue where a non-leader of the party could proceed through the gameplay menu
Xbox – Fixed an issue with parties where a party leader leaving the party caused the remaining group to be unable to queue for a match
PlayStation – Fixed an issue with parties where the party leader joining a new party caused group inconsistencies for all players in the group
– Invites now indicate to the player that they will be sent to the main menu if accepted while playing in a match
– Fixed an issue where merging parties could break the party


– Fixed an issue where players were not properly backfilling into servers, but instead starting up new servers
– Fixed an issue where spamming A (Xbox) / X (PlayStation) through the Play screen would make you unable to search for matchmaking
– If network connection is lost on the main menu but re-established, you can now proceed to gameplay as intended instead of being required to restart the game

Update 23 (August 20)

Despite the bugs and issues players encountered during the early days of the game, Chivalry 2 is still growing in popularity and the game has passed two million copies sold in only a matter of two months as per a fresh report.

Update 24 (September 11)

Even though the developers fixed a bunch of issues in the Chivalry 2: House Galencourt (2.1.0) update, it looks like some matchmaking issues still persist.

Recently, Chivalry 2 developers acknowledged matchmaking issues resulting in players getting high ping, low population in servers, and for some, the matchmaking process failed.


Torn Banner Studios said that they have temporarily disabled matchmaking for SA while they investigate the issue. Meanwhile, players in the region will be shifted to NA central NA or east.

We will update this once the developers give us more information so stay tuned.

Update 25 (September 14)

As per a recent report from Reddit, Torn Banner Studios is still working to fix multiple matchmaking issues and the SA region is still temporarily disabled to improve overall matchmaking in Chivalry 2.

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