[Update: Sep 13] Google Pixel 5 freezing/scrolling (touchscreen sensitivity) issues come to light

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Original story (published on December 09, 2021) follows:

A range of issues associated with the touchscreen on Google Pixel 5 have been doing rounds for quite some time now. They include freezing or scrolling lag, along with touch sensitivity and latency problems.

And some of such complaints have been given below.

pixel 5 sensitivity scrolling

Anyone else noticing scroll stuttering with the pixel 5? Maybe it’s my internet loading and the higher refresh screen making the stuttering from this more obvious but idk, it’s not terrible just definitely noticable coming from the 2xl.

I am finding that the touchscreen on my new Pixel 5 is slightly sluggish when it’s in charge via USB C (don’t have access to a wireless charger to test just yet). By “sluggish” I mean that gesture navigation and flick scrolling take a few goes or they register as a single tap instead.

The above complaints may be all related to Pixel 5’s touchscreen but are varying enough to be divided into sub-sections, along with workarounds, if any.

1. Sluggish touchscreen when charging: Several users have reported that their Pixel’s touch malfunctions while the device is put on charge. For example, a swipe up to go to the homescreen is registered as a single tap.

Sometimes, the touch doesn’t get registered at all. If you are one of the users facing this issue, then check out the below-mentioned workaround.

Workaround: Head over to Settings > Display > Increase touch sensitivity.

The Google Pixel 5

2. Scrolling stutters: Quite a few users have reported that their scrolling doesn’t feel too smooth and is rather jittery on certain apps or even all the time. Such issues are the very last thing one can expect from a super-smooth 90Hz display panel.

Workaround: This could be quite possibly due to the dynamic refresh rate feature which ‘smartly’ switches between 90Hz and 60Hz refresh rates depending on the kind of content to preserve power.

To turn this off and force 90Hz, you need to open up the Settings app and head over to the Developer options wherein you will find an option to force 90Hz at all times. Note that this might impact your battery life negatively.

3. Random freezes and crashes: For random freezes and app crashes and “App not responding” errors like this user, your best bet would be to perform a factory reset.

The factory reset menu

To do the same, open your settings app. Then head over to System > Advanced > Reset options > Erase all data. Doing so will wipe your internal storage. Hence, it is important to back up all your data prior to this action.

4. Touch sensitivity issues: Charging is not the only time the touch panel for some users goes haywire, as there are plenty of reports specifying that the touch feels unresponsive at times.

Apps have to be pressed several times in some cases before the input finally registers and the app actually opens up.

Workaround: Same as the workaround already given above for “Sluggish touchscreen when charging” issue.

5. Issues due to screen protector: A cheap screen protector can also potentially affect touchscreen performance and could be the reason behind most of the above-mentioned issues. Make sure that the one you have applied is of good quality.

Hopefully, the above workarounds helped you with the freezing, scrolling, or touchscreen sensitivity issues on your Google Pixel 5. Let us know in the comments below if it did.

Also, be sure to check out our dedicated Android 11 bugs/issues tracker.

Update 1 (September 13)

IST 10:13 am: A section of Pixel 5 users note that they’re experiencing freezing and scrolling stutters on their units. While some suggest this could be an issue with the device’s mid-tier processor, it might as well be this bug rearing its ugly head.

I recently switched to the Pixel 5 from an Oneplus 6. I absolutely love the 90Hz refresh rate. However, is it just me or is the P5 seriously underpowered? Things that are smooth on the OP6 are stuttery on the P5, and its frustrating that even scrolling through Reddit is not as smooth.

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