Ubisoft is one of the biggest companies in the gaming industry. According to Statistica, Ubisoft generated a revenue of about 2.23 billion in the year 2020-2021.

Watch Dogs: Legion is one of the most well-known titles developed by Ubisoft Toronto and published by Ubisoft. The game was launched on Windows, PlayStation, Xbox, and Google Stadia in October last year.

However, upon its release, it was criticized for its blunt storyline, poor combat mechanics, and highly repetitive missions.


Having said that, Watch Dog Legion players are now complaining about a new bug in the game. Players say they are unable to enjoy the game because the AI is constantly hunting them when playing online.

Many Watch Dogs: Legion players say they are being chased by Albion cops and drones for no reason. It looks like guards and drones pop out of nowhere with user reports suggesting that they are unable to get out of the pursuit.

Some gamers also suggest that they are seeing the Nigel Cass health bar when the AI is chasing them. During the Nigel Cass boss mission, players are always detected no matter what they do.


Just to clarify: I am playing on the PS5. And lately (about last 2 days) Abbion starts to chase me out of nowhere. Hard. The game periodically spawns 4 elite shotgunners (rushers) that take an entire magazine from G36 in the head(!) for them to die. Also Kellies attack on sight. I mean it has happened before. But not as severely. Usually restarting the game helped. Is the same thing happening for you (on your platform)?

I got an issue in Online where i constantly see Nigel Cass healthbar in the game and there is no one there when i get to the place. Also i am being killed by every other enemy AI i come close to.

Other people on the server see it too and they are also complaining they are being hunted and killed by enemy AI. I already lost my best operatives to this bug and now i gotta wait until they respawn and i can’t do any daily quests, nor can i enjoy the game.

It looks like the Watch Dogs: Legion Albion chasing bug is affecting players on all platforms. Users say that the issue popped up after the start of the new season.

In the meantime, Watch Dogs: Legion players can try restarting the game since this has fixed the issue for some. Others say they are not so lucky and that the bug haunts them no matter what they do or where they go.

Fortunately, Ubisoft recently acknowledged the issue and said that it is currently under investigation.


As if this was not enough, players are reporting another bug with the game, which is much worse than the previous one.

According to user reports, every time they launch Watch Dogs: Legion, the game asks to install a 25GB update.

Users said they have tried reinstalling and verifying game files but nothing seems to be working right now.


Anyone experience this? Last few days every time I trying start the game it tells me I must update and download 25gb patch. It feels like it rolling between two patches back and forth.

Hello, I keep getting a 25 gb update for legion (im on ubisoft/pc btw) And there’s no new features to the game or anything. But it keeps asking me to update the game and whenever i launch it wont let me play online because i apparently need to update the game even tho i just installed a 25 gb update to the game.. Does anyone know what the issue could be or how i can fix it?

Players are really frustrated since the update takes somewhere between a few mins and hours depending on their internet connection.

It looks like Watch Dogs: Legion is automatically downgrading to the previous version which is causing the game to update itself every time players launch it.

Like the previous bug, Ubisoft has acknowledged the multiple update bug that is preventing the game from launching. The developers also said that they are working on a fix.


We hope Ubisoft fixes the Watch Dogs: Legion Albion chasing and multiple update bug as soon as possible. We will update this article when they release a fix so make sure you keep checking this space.

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Featured image source: Ubisoft

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