[Update: Sept 08] Surgeon Simulator 2 not loading issue on Xbox & Steam under investigation

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Original story (published on September 3, 2021) follows:

Surgeon Simulator 2 is a simulation game that puts the players in the shoes of a surgeon. Developed by Bossa Studios, it is the sequel to the much-loved Surgeon Simulator.

The franchise is famous for its physics-based model of surgery. Surgeon Simulator 2 features a solo campaign with players also being able to enjoy the game with 4 other players.

The game was released last year on the Epic Games Store and came to Steam on September 2 this year.


With the launch of the game on Steam and the Xbox, many people were looking forward to enjoying the hilarious physics-based simulator.

But to their disappointment, many players encountered an issue with Surgeon Simulator 2 not loading at all.

People who bought the game say they are greeted with an authentication error. On the other hand, those who are able to get past it report that the game gets stuck on the loading screen.


Just downloaded Surgeon Simulator 2 (Xbox One S) and whenever I click “Play” it gets stuck on an infinite loading loop. Do I have to be playing on a Series X? Is the game just broken atm? It loads quite slowly until the main screen? Then I press A to go to the main menu, then after I click Play, it just loads forever.

Why does this game take so long to load? Got an authentication error on my first time loading in which is understandable, but my second time is taking forever to even display anything after the blue “loading…” screen

The Surgeon Simulator 2 not loading issue seems to be affecting both Xbox and Steam users.

It is still unclear what causes the bug since the game has been out on the Epic Games Store since mid 2020.

Fortunately, the game developers have acknowledged the issue and said that a fix is underway. They also said that the update announcement will be made on Discord, which you can follow by clicking this link.


We hope the Surgeon Simulator 2 not loading issue is resolved with utmost priority since many people have been waiting for the game to come to Steam for more than a year now.

Update 1 (September 04)

The developers are advising players to update their game to version 1.3.3 since it features some stability improvements. However, players are still reporting that Surgeon Simulator 2 is not loading for them.


We will update this space once more information is available so stay tuned.

Update 2 (September 06)

Surgeon Simulator on Twitter has confirmed that they have made some server improvements to improve stability and loading times for Xbox players. How well this translates to the user experience remains to be seen.

surgeon simulator 2 xbox loading times improved

Update 3 (September 07)

Surgeon Simulator 2 has pushed out a server-side update for all players on Xbox, an update that should see users not face the authentication issue when entering the game.

surgeon simulator 2 xbox server side update

Update 4 (September 08)

A section of players note that they’ve been facing an error message noting that they need an internet connection to access the game despite having a stable connection.

In response, the company notes that these users might want to try using a VPN or changing the DNS settings as these have been proven to work for some users.

surgeon simulator 2 connection error

Hi, sorry you’re still experiencing this.

We are working on it, yes. In the meantime, some players have reported success with either using a VPN or changing your DNS settings. I know that doesn’t “fix” the issue, but rest assured we’re working on it.

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