[Updated] Madden 22 Franchise mode glitch 'sent back to Main Menu' or score not updating acknowledged, fix in the works

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Original story (published on August 23, 2021) follows:

EA recently released the highly anticipated NFL game Madden 22. In the last few years, the realistic football simulator has influenced many players and coaches to play the sport.

But EA has a reputation for spoiling things, even if it is a game as simple as NFL. Ever since its pre-release days, the game was criticized for having numerous bugs.

In the last couple of weeks, EA Madden 22 has had various issues with the game crashing on consoles to trial period expiring before time.


And if you thought the game had a rough launch, well, it looks like EA is just getting started. After locking players out of the auction house, players have reported more bugs.

The latest EA Madden 22 glitch causes players to be sent back to the main menu when playing Franchise mode. Also, many a time, their score is getting reset after finishing a match.

Currently, the EA Madden 22 Franchise Mode glitch is only limited to the offline mode. The offline franchise mode is one of the main reasons why people buy Madden games every year.


So I was playing madden 22 Franchise and I won a game. Randomly, my score was set to zero and it said I lost. Anyone else have this problem? Old gen btw

@EAMaddenNFL can’t play offline franchise which is the only mode I play. I need a refund due to buying a game that doesn’t work

Having said that, some users suggest that the Franchise mode works fine online. The main difference between the offline and online modes is that the save game is uploaded to the cloud.

Once again, EA has acknowledged the Madden 22 issue and said they are working on fixing the Franchise mode glitch.


The number of issues reported by EA Madden 22 players in the first week of launch speaks volumes about the quality of the game.

It is not that either EA or NFL lack the resources to make a good game. Honestly, the game studio seemed to be doing good in the last few months.

But it looks like the developers couldn’t stand the sight of everything going well. Either way, we hope EA fixes all the issues haunting Madden 22 players as soon as possible.

Update 1 (August 24)

Responding to a user’s query regarding the broken franchise mode, EA support claimed that performing the following steps should help:

A few steps that have helped are the following: Navigate to Customize > Share and Manage Files > Load and Delete Files to bring up the game’s file list. Delete the files under Profile and Roster.

We also suggest to please reset your router by unplugging it from the back for 2 minutes and then plug it back in to establish a fresh connection.

Some players also reported that simply deleted saved data from the console has worked as well. Unfortunately, there are no current fixes for this unless you are using an external HDD for the game install and saves.

Update 2 (August 25)

IST 1:22 pm: Now, a section of Madden players are noting that their end-game results appear incorrect as some end up with losing scores yet they won the encounter.

EA Help says they’re aware of this issue and are working on it. A suggested official workaround is to play Cloud Franchise league.

madden issue workaround

Update 3 (August 26)

IST 1:31 pm: EA is tracking the issues with Franchise mode in an official blog post that you can check out here.

Update 4 (August 27)

IST 6:26 pm: EA has addressed the desync issue with Madden 22 and has even confirmed that it’s still working to fix the score reset issue.

8/26/2021 1:15 PM ET Update: The server maintenance this morning contained a change that addressed a desync issue in head-to-head Franchise games related to having a scenario staff goal. The Franchise Team will continue to monitor this issue and make improvements in upcoming Title Updates.

The team is still working to address the Franchise Score Reset issue and we will provide an update once that issue has been addressed. (Source)

Update 5 (August 28)

IST 3:37 pm: Incoming is yet another potential workaround for the score reset issue in case you’re still facing a problem with the feature according to EA support:

sometimes changing your uniforms from the default setting to anything else can help the scores remain intact, according to some players. (Source)

Update 6 (September 01)

IST 3:21 pm: EA has failed to share any further updates regarding the issue with Franchise mode. As expected, that has resulted in some fans becoming furious considering the fact that they had to pay for the game and nothing has been done for around a month. You can find several heated comments here.

Update 7 (September 02)

IST 3:36 pm: EA support is reaching out to some disgruntled players on Twitter with claims that they’re working to fix the Franchise mode score reset bug as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there’s still no ETA.

Sounds like you’ve had trouble in Madden NFL 22 Franchise & I know that must be frustrating to have your score wiped. To help you get around this, we suggest playing ‘Cloud League’ instead to bypass the error for now. We’re working to get a fix in place ASAP (Source)

Update 8 (September 03)

IST 12:09 pm: Madden 22 players can finally enjoy the game once again as a new update is out that brings with it a bunch of fixes for the Franchise mode. Here’s the complete changelog:

– Improved head-to-head stability issue
– Addressed an issue where some offline franchise players were given an incorrect game result after completing a game
Weekly Strategy
– Fixed an issue where all defensive players were receiving the same boosts in Weekly Strategy
– Fixed an authenticity issue around Next Gen Stats and completion percentages
– Fixed issues with QB Passer Rating visuals and data not being consistent in Offensive and Defensive Focuses
– Training Logs in the Progression History of the Player Card will now show whether a Focus was Offensive or Defensive Gameplan-related

– Fixed issue where Coordinators could be poached in Super Bowl week
– Fixed an issue with the Next Gen Stats tab of the Player Card
– Fixed issue with News for Offseason Stories
– Fixed an issue where auto-generated Snapshots weren’t being taken after games
– Fixed issue where backing out of sending an Online Franchise invite resulted in visual issues in the Members screen
– Fixed multiple issues around the player avatar displaying incorrectly while in a Player Franchise

– Fixed data refresh issue when cutting players from the Salaries screen
– Fixed issue where the Super Bowl matchup was not appearing correctly in the calendar bar of the Home tab
– Fixed issue where the Super Bowl result would disappear in the League tab during the offseason
– Fixed an issue where Season Goal was not being appropriately marked as completed in the Goals panel of the Hub
– Fixed an issue causing stat matchup panels on the Home tab of the Hub to become inaccessible with the Right Stick.

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