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Original story (published on January 10, 2018) follows:

A new Android Auto issue has come to light. Adding to the string of platform’s already broken functionalities, now users are reporting that the Android Auto app on phones is not showing weather for current location in certain scenarios.

Complainants say instead of displaying weather info for the intended location (where the user/device currently is), the Android Auto app some how ends up showing the weather details for some other location they frequently check in. For instance, some users say the app shows weather for their work place when they are home.


They also mentioned that on moving away from their home location, the app does refresh and starts displaying the weather correctly. But that’s not the case for all, as at-least one complainant confirmed that on relaunching Android Auto (AA), the app again picks their work location as the current location (regardless of their current location).


For its part, Google has confirmed the problem. The confirmation came in the form of a post from a company employee Yurrim, who said they are working on it.

We are working with other teams to improve this

Furthermore, Yurrim also confirmed one of the user-suggested workarounds, wherein setting/resetting the label for home location in Google Maps does the trick.

While Google fixes the problem, you can try hands on the aforementioned workaround to temporarily get rid of the glitch. Meanwhile, we are keeping an eye on all related developments, and will keep updating as and when they occur. So keep a tab here.

Update 1 (September 03, 2021)

1:19 pm (IST): Well, now a Community Specialist has noted that the Android Auto issue that causes the weather to always show that of the home address instead of the current location has been fixed, and the fix rolled out to users.

android auto weather issue fixed

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