Psychonauts 2 Psy King level bug where players aren't able to progress being looked into, confirms dev

Psychonauts 2 is the successor to the much-loved classic adventurer platform game Psychonauts. It is developed by Double Fine Productions and was released on August 25.

The game follows the story of Raz, a young psychic and trained acrobat. Psychonauts 2 offers pretty unique environments with Raz being able to dive into people’s brains.

While the game has overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam, some bugs and issues are making players go bonkers.


Recently, people who purchased the game reported an issue that causes the game to randomly stutter even on top-tier hardware.

Having said that, Psychonauts 2 players have now reported a new bug with the Psy King level. Before you proceed, we want to tell you that there are some spoilers ahead.

According to user reports, the bug causes players to get stuck on the ear and hand section in the Psy King section. Psychonauts 2 players say they tried exiting the brain and returning but nothing seems to work.


I was playing through a section today where you hop through PSI KING’S brain, when all of a sudden i was teleported back to a previous room I was in. I can’t leave the room at all as the points I would have interacted with to transition out are gone. USing the “leave brain” command doesn’t reset my position in the PSI KING area, so while I can leave the brain, I can’t progress the story any further. What do I do?

Hey there. Unfortunately I just experienced this bug playing PS4 version on a PS5. I also completed the Woods section first. During the Concessions Panic fight I got the fight end cutscene after killing 2/3 panic attacks and arrived in the Woods instrument area.

Fortunately, the developers at Double Fine Productions have acknowledged the issue.

Psychonauts 2 development team is asking players to send a description of what happened along with their save game files on [email protected].

The Psy King bug is really game-breaking since many players are unable to progress at all even after completing the section in the implied order.


We hope Double Fine releases an update that fixes the Psychonauts 2 Psy King bug so players can complete the game.

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Featured image source: Steam

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