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YouTube is one of the world’s largest online video sharing and social media platforms. It offers free videos which are really entertaining.

Whatever you want to watch, the content will be available. From gaming to educational videos, YouTube has a variety of content.

One of the ways YouTubers make money is Google AdSense. It is a primary method of monetization. Since AdSense and YouTube are both owned by Google, it becomes easy to integrate.

You just need to follow some guidelines to be able to monetize your YouTube channel. A total watch time of 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers are the requirements to be eligible for the YouTube partner program.

That being said, a new bug has arrived making it impossible for YouTubers to apply for the monetization program. There is a “Apply Now” button in the monetization area but with a new bug, it has disappeared.

youtube apply now button missing

@TeamYouTube I applied for monetization on a channel a week ago but then you made it mandatory to have 2FA on for monetization. I’ve now turned on 2FA for that channel but I’m unable to reapply? I didn’t get a declined email so that shouldn’t be the case


I received the email from YouTube to apply for monetization. When I got into YouTube Studio, all I saw was ‘notify me when I am eligible’ I clicked on it and since I have not received any other email and the button to apply is not showing. I was wondering if there is a bug in the YouTube monetization tab?

Many users complained about the issue on Google Support as well as Twitter. Apparently, this issue is linked with Two Factor Authentication that was made compulsory for being a YouTube Partner.

Fortunately, YouTube support responded to a complaint claimed that they are working on the issue as they have seen similar reports on the application tab for channel monetization.


Users also took their issues to Google Support for the same but Google has not yet replied to the queries of the users yet.

People are claiming they didn’t even get the email that users usually get when they are eligible to apply. And now the ‘Apply’ button has disappeared from the application tab for channel monetization on YouTube.

With this issue, users aren’t able to get their channels monetized. Since there is no button to apply, there is no way for YouTube to know that the users are requesting monetization.

The recent update of 2FA can be the culprit but there’s no hard evidence for it so we’d take that angle with a pinch of salt. Anyways, we will keep you posted whenever there is an update.

Update 1 (September 02)

IST 10:51 am: Now, YouTube through a Bronze member on the community forum has shared steps that affected users can take to get this issue sorted. Below is an attached video.

Additionally, a fix for this monetization issue seems to be in the works.

Hi all,

Thanks for all of your reports on this issue! I’ve shared your examples and our team is working on a fix. I’ll share more info on this thread when we have an update for you all.

Appreciate your patience!

Jensen (TeamYouTube)

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