Mac web page memory notifications issue (This web page is using significant memory) troubles some users

Apple’s macOS-powered devices are used by many across the globe because of their specs and UI. While most Apple users are loyal to the brand, many also have a more focused approach towards its products.

However, like any other electronic gadget, Macs also have their own set of flaws. One such flaw has been troubling Mac users lately.


As per a pretty recent and rather long Reddit thread, Mac users are not quite liking the memory usage notification which appears for some web pages in Safari.

Basically, Apple’s web browser shows the ‘This web page is using significant memory’ notification in Mac for resource heavy web pages.

I get the same message on a 16“ with 32 GB just watching Netflix sometimes…

What is inconveniencing Mac users is that the web page keeps on reloading from time to time because of the ‘This web page is using significant memory’ notification.

What if I want to use a site that uses a lot of resources?

Safari just reloads it every couple of minutes and it’s completely unusable.


Users are facing this problem with many prominent websites including Reddit, YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, and Disney+.

It must be noted that the memory notification is simply informing users about the resource heavy web pages. This further indicates that the websites might not be properly optimized.

Web dev here. This is more the sites fault. You Mac is just trying to do you a solid and let you know. Most web apps are developed by people who care more about keeping the costs of the servers as low as possible rather than the best client experience.

However, Mac users still feel that Apple should provide them with an option to disable the memory notifications.

Netflix, Facebook, Disney+, a handful of other sites I use consistently makes Safari at fault, not Reddit :/ at least make it a setting, man. Let me turn the gd feature off ffs…

Maybe my Mac should do me a solid and let me toggle off the annoying alerts, because that would sure as hell improve my experience.


Apple has not made any comments on the matter so far and there are currently no workarounds to disable the ‘This web page is using significant memory’ notification on Mac.

All this is further adding to users’ dilemma and is also forcing them to try different web browsers and apps.

Hopefully, Apple takes a proper look at this issue and provides Mac users with some sort of workaround to isolate this problem.

I still say that’s on the dev to know the differences in how browsers and their different engines work and how to best utilise client resources.

Many dev to save costs only officially support one browse. I would try chrome and or firefox


That said, we will be back with more details as and when new information becomes available so stay tuned.

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