Fallout 76 players report an issue with Pepper Shaker rubberbanding and causing enemies to regain health

Developed by Bethesda Game Studios, Fallout 76 is a multiplayer action role-playing game. Released in 2018, the game is the latest installment in the Fallout series.

When it was released, Fallout 76 was criticized for being an unfinished game, with numerous bugs and issues ruining the gameplay and making it almost unplayable.

Despite the lack of content, gameplay purpose, and absence of NPCs in the game, Bethesda managed to sell more than 1.4 million copies by the end of the year.


Since then, Fallout 76 has come a long way, and Bethesda has fixed a plethora of issues with the game. However, some bugs and glitches still find their way through.

Recently, the game awarded extra atoms to some users while others complained that their 1st Scoreboard rewards disappeared.

Now, players are reporting another issue with enemies becoming almost unkillable. According to user reports, using the Pepper Shaker leads to rubberbanding and causes enemies to regain health.


It seems to mainly happen with weapons that do high damage or damage quickly, because the game can’t figure out how to register it properly Because of this, even though i’ve hit something for hundreds of damage, creating a substantial grey bar indicating the damage i’ve dealt with consistent hits, and seeing a barrage of numbers popping up, the enemy [sometimes] heals the damage i just dealt.

I usually use an Explosive Gatling, and from time to time I might see an enemies health bar heal 1-2 shots worth of damage, and i tend to try to ignore it, but this is just getting obnoxious, especially with the pepper shaker.


This weapon rubber bands health bars like crazy. If the energy mods are used, it is 10x as bad, without it, it still does it also. If vats is used it pretty much eliminates the issue but it is a heavy so that is not a work around. Anyone else have this issue, I using a Vamps shaker.

Fallout 76 players say that the Pepper Shaker rubberbanding issue is present ever since it was introduced in a patch for the Public Test Server.

Some users suggest that players should stop using single barrel on the Pepper Shaker since it causes the most rubberbanding. With the dual barrel mod, it is not as bad.

You can take a look yourself at what the Fallout 76 Pepper Shaker rubberbanding issue looks like and how it causes enemies to regain health in the video below:

We hope Bethesda acknowledges the bug and works on fixing the rubberbanding issue. When they do, we will update this space to reflect the same.

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Featured image source: Steam

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