Guild Wars 2 devs working to fix an issue with double Committed title

Guild Wars is an MMORPG game that is developed by ArenaNet and published in partnership with NCSoft. The game was released back in 2012 but is enjoyed by thousands to date.

The game is set in the world of Tyria and follows the events that cause of re-emergence of Destiny’s Edge. It is known for its detailed stories, fast-paced action, and beautiful landscapes.

Updates to the game have introduced a lot of new content, resulting in a loyal fan following.


In its history spanning 9 years, players have earned many achievements, some of which award a title to the user indicating their dedication to the game.

Nonetheless, Guild Wars 2 players are finding out that the game has a double Committed titles issue. Basically, players are getting the same title for completing two different achievements.

The first one is in the category of Bastion of the Penitent. The achievement is called Attuned and requires players to ‘Defeat Mursaat Overseer game piece while the challenge mote is active.’

The second achievement that awards the Committed title is the Birthday—Year 9 achievement. This was added to the game recently to celebrate its 9th anniversary.


For those who dont know, Mursaat Overseer CM already gives the title Committed and the 9th Birthday Title which just dropped is also Committed. We’ve been wondering for many years (since Wing 4 came out) what ArenaNet would do in this situation.

Which one they would change, maybe the Birthday Title would be Blue like Extra Life, maybe they would change it to Truly Committed(Truly Nimble) among other possibilities. Today is the day. Turns out ArenaNet probably never noticed that we have 2 titles with the same name for this many years.

Birthday Year 9 , achievement ID 1689 and achievement ID 3287 (Defeat Mursaat Overseer game piece while the challenge mote is active) both award Committed right now. The Mursaat Overseer Challenge Mode achievement name is Attuned, however.

It seems like someone in the development team forgot to cross-check when they were working on the recently added Birthday—Year 9 achievement. While the issue is not deal-breaking, it surely is weird to get the same title twice.

As it turns out, Guild Wars 2 developers are aware of the double Committed title issue and already working on it. However, there is no ETA on when it will be fixed.


We hope Guild Wars 2 developers change the name of one of the titles and fix the double Committed title issue in the coming days.

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Featured image source: Guild Wars 2

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