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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players have been going through a rough patch. Now, it seems things just got escalated.

As per multiple reports, COD Modern Warfare players are unable to change the reticle on any optics/guns.

Hi does someone else has problem with changing reticles? In warzone I can change reticle how I want but in multiplayer I get kick to lobby every time I click on reticle variants.

I’m trying to switch my Kar98 reticle, but every time I click on my he reticle option, it just takes me to the “Play” menu. It’s the same issue with the rest of my weapons it seems, as my AX50, SPR, and PKM are doing the same thing. There was an update last night, and I am just now learning of this.

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Basically, the reticle menu in COD Modern Warfare is not working and it redirects players to the lobby.

The number of user reports clearly indicate that the issue is widespread and is affecting PC as well as console (PlayStation) players.

Also, the game developer has not yet acknowledged the problem which seems to have arrived along with the latest Modern Warfare update.

If you notice now, when clicking in customize reticle in mpit will lead you to the initial menu. It’s going from bad to worse now I can’t even customize my reticles.

I just want to use this post for people who want to share new bugs from the new season. The cruise missle has been fixed but apparently some guns have visual glitches and you cant change the reticle on sights. Anything else?

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However, the lack of an acknowledgement has led COD Modern Warfare players to find a workaround on their own which can get the reticle menu working again.

Multiple players have pointed out that heading over to the loadout (Blueprint) menu in the Warzone section and accessing a Modern Warfare loadout from there allows changing reticles.

Also, players can create a custom loadout (Blueprint) with a reticle of their choice in the Warzone section and then equip the same in the Modern Warfare multiplayer section.

Go into WZ and put the reticle on ur gun then save bp and equip in mp

Do it in WZ menu, save gun, load gun in MW menu


While this is not a permanent solution, it appears to be doing the trick for several players so there is no harm in giving it a go.

It is unclear what the exact cause of the issue is as no clarity on the matter has been provided. However, it is inconveniencing players as they are unable to customize their weapons in the game.

Hopefully, Activision soon clarifies the matter or better yet, fixes the issue for good so that users can play the game without any hassle.


That said, we will keep tracking this for further development and will report back with more details as and when they become available.

In the meantime, you can check out our dedicated Call of Duty bugs and issues tracker to get the latest updates on the topic.

Update 1 (July 20)

IST 13:20 – It looks like more people are supporting the custom mod workaround we originally listed in our story. Here are a couple of latest endorsements:

For the time being you just gotta change the reticles in warzone and create a custom mod then use in mw. Idk when tf they will fix it but for now that’s the only way

Apparently selecting a custom mod from Warzone does the trick

Update 2 (July 21)

IST 13:22 An individual has shared a video on YouTube wherein he shows how to fix the problem. The person even explained the steps in the comments section for more clarity. Check it out below:

Go to warzone… go to weapon gunsmith… chose your optic… hit right bumper… choose reticle… when ready go back to gunsmith where you put your silencer and stock and stuff… use the left trigger update or create new modification… once saved go back to multiplayer and chose the gun u modified… gl

Update 3 (July 23)

As already mentioned in the article, editing loadout is one of the user-shared workarounds that appears to help in resolving the Reticle glitch at least until the company officially addresses the problem.

But going by reports, the latest update has broken this option too. Read our complete coverage on the matter here.

Update 4 (July 24)

Incoming is yet another user shared workaround, and here is what the original poster is suggesting the affected players to do:

1. In the FP2, 150-player version of Modern Warfare, use the gunsmith and select your desired reticle.
2. Use the save “custom mod button”
3. Switch back over to MW create-a-class and select your newly saved blueprint

Update 5 (July 26)

While responding to one of the players complaining about weapon customizations, a moderator of the Modern Warfare subreddit has responded confirming the reticle bug. Here’s how they acknowledged the issue:

Everyone already knows that reticles are currently bugged. Please stop posting about it.

They’ve temporarily disabled the ability to edit your classes mid-game as it was being exploited in WZ to put CW camos on MW weapons as well as to access blueprint weapons without paying for them.

Update 6 (July 28)

There’s a new update available for Modern Warfare in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, however, it’s unclear whether or not the update brings a fix for the issue where players are unable to change reticles on any optics/gun.

An individual shared a screenshot of the update info on Twitter:


Update 7 (July 29)

It looks like there may have been a dent in the development progress for COD as employees from Activision Blizzard have staged a walk-out over accusations of sexism and harassment at the company.

This could be the reason why we haven’t seen any updates to fix the reticle bug or others that popped up recently. The company’s CEO has assured employees that things will change drastically, for the better.

That said, this is just speculation. Hence, take it with a pinch of salt.

Update 8 (July 30)

IST 11:20 am: After staying quiet for long, the reticle glitch has finally been confirmed on the official known issues page. Here’s what the page says about the issue:

I can’t change the reticle on my gun.

– All platforms

Some players have reported they’re getting kicked to the Multiplayer lobby when attempting to change a reticle on their weapons.

In the meantime, affected gamers might want to try this workaround.

1. Launch Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.
2. When you reach the main menu, select Options.
3. Navigate to the General tab.
4. Scroll to the bottom and select Game Installs.
5. Highlight the content packs to install. (Each content pack will register as 1 MB.)
– Campaign Pack 1
– Campaign Pack 2
– Multiplayer Pack
– Special Ops Pack
6. Select Install, then select Confirm.

The info striked through above was mistakenly added. We regret the error.

Update 9 (August 3)

12:28 pm (IST): A new update has been released for Call of Duty Warzone that includes a host of fixes but Modern Warfare players are still left with no news regarding a fix for the reticle issue.

Update 10 (August 6)

IST 09:54 am: It’s now been a few weeks since the issue first popped up but there’s still no fix in sight as the developers have not shared any further details regarding the status of the it. Moreover, the known issues page also remains unchanged.

Update 11 (August 9)

IST 11:32 am: The Reticle bug continues to afflict players of call of duty and now, there seems to be yet another user-suggested workaround gaining popularity in the community forum.

reticle workaround

At the time of writing, this workaround had close to 100 upvotes. However, we cannot speak to the effectiveness of this workaround at the moment but one thing remains clear, this bug needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Update 12 (August 13)

IST 01:51 pm: It’s now going to be close to a month since the problem first popped up but Raven Software is yet to share any further details on the issue. Naturally, this has left many players annoyed as this fresh thread on Reddit indicates.


Update 13 (August 14)

IST 06:55 pm: While Warzone players have been greeted with the Season 5 update, there’s still no word on when the Reticle bug will be fixed in Modern Warfare. The developers are completely silent on the issue.

Update 14 (August 20)

IST 12:59 pm: Raven Software has seemingly been hard at work and now, the company has acknowledged a number of issues afflicting Warzone players, sharing information on the same on their Trello Board.

Unfortunately, the company hasn’t shared any further details regarding the reticle menu story.

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