Twitter acknowledges jumpy timeline bug, fix to roll out before month-end

Twitter remains one of the biggest social media platforms we have today and with its tools like the Trending feature, it offers persons with the same ideology a platform on which they can exchange ideas.

With such a global reach, it is obvious that any change or tweak on the platform has the potential to affect millions across the globe, for better, or for worse.

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Over the past few days, a number of users have been reportedly facing an issue with their Feeds. Apparently, their Twitter timeline is a little too jumpy, making it hard to use the fast-paced platform.

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Hard to use @twitter for more than a few mins at a time with the feed constantly jumping. You on this, @TwitterSupport?

Why is the @twitter feed so jumpy lately? Thought it was just me but hearing the same from others. Timelines are hard enuf to scroll thru, this glitch is challenging. Hope it fixes soon.

Affected persons note that this glitch causes the Twitter timeline to refresh ever so often, making it rather difficult to use the platform which in itself, is pretty fast-paced.

These reports continue to throng in and it seems as though they have landed on the ears of someone over at Twitter who actually cares to listen.

Twitter Product Lead, Kayvon Beypour, has since come out to confirm that they are aware the timeline has become jumpy lately, noting that the team is working on it actively, promising a fix before the end of the month.

Yes, this is super annoying. I’m sorry. Team is working on it actively and the fix should be out before the end of the month.

twitter jumpy timeline issue

With this, it is probably only a matter of time before the issue is addressed. In fact, some affected users have gone as far as noting that the problem seems to have been resolved for them.

I know I am tempting fate tweeting this, but since this response from Twitter, my feed has not jumped once! Is anyone else still having a jumpy feed, or have they fixed it?

Although the same guy goes on to point out that perhaps they tweeted too soon, noting that while the jumping frequency has reduced, it’s certainly still there.

That said, we hope Twitter fixes the issue later this month as promised. We’ll keep an eye on it and update this article once that happens. Meanwhile, let us know your current experience in the comments section below.

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