Apple has a virtually endless user base with millions of people using the many products the Cupertino giant has to offer. Among them, the wireless Bluetooth earbuds, AirPods.

AirPods are used across the globe with different devices because of their overall design and sound quality. However, Apple’s earbuds have their flaws.


AirPods users have been facing some issues related to connectivity and sound quality lately which are spoiling their experience.

Many AirPods users have taken to the Apple Support community to report about the issues where one AirPod won’t connect with their device(s) and/or has low volume.

Basically, user reports outline that only one AirPod, be it left or right, works at a time while the other either does not work at all and/or has low volume.

Anyone know how to get an AirPod to work that has stopped working. Left works. Right doesn’t.

My airpods is working independently but when both on my ears then the sound continue to switch/jumping from right to left. I have unpaired/paired and fully charged but it’s not helping.

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These issues are clearly widespread but Apple has dedicated fixes for when one of the AirPods has low volume and/or is not working.

The troubleshooting involves trickle charging AirPods by first fully charging the case then putting them in it for 30 or so seconds then checking to see their charging status on iPhone or iPad.

On the other hand, Apple has simply recommended to check the Balance setting in the Audio/Visual section of the Accessibility settings in case one of the AirPods has low volume. If these dedicated fixes do not work, Apple recommends resetting the AirPods.


However, multiple user reports indicate that these fixes are not working for them. This clearly indicates that the issues lie somewhere else.

My right airpod isn’t working. I’ve reset and re-paired several times. Everything is charged up. What next?

Firstly my right Airpod is not working then I reset airpods now my mobile is not connecting airpods

Also, Apple has not made any comments regarding these problems which is further complicating matters for affected users.

It is possible that some of these reports might be because of hardware issues with the AirPods. However, the possibility of software issues which can be fixed by Apple cannot be overlooked because of that.


All in all, the tech giant has to take a deeper look into these problems to either provide proper fixes or more clarity on the matter.

That said, we will report back with more details as and when we get new information on this so stay tuned.

In the meantime, those looking for alternative troubleshooting steps to fix these issues can check out this article from Lifewire.

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