Some Fortnite players unable to complete 'Use a Phone Booth as Clark Kent' quest, devs aware (workaround inside)

Fortnite players are going through some rough time lately as the Elo system glitch, Deploy Alien Nanites quest not working and more issues have been troubling them.

Now, another problem has surfaced which is preventing players from getting the Superman’s outfit in Fortnite.

The Beast boy, Clark Kent, and armored batman npcs aren’t spawning so I’m unable to do my Superman quest.


There were multiple reports of players not getting the required Characters to complete Superman’s quests on the Island.

This problem was promptly acknowledged by Fortnite support and was also resolved in no time.

The issue with the Characters needed for Superman’s Quests not appearing on the Island has been resolved.

However, players started facing the problem where the Use a Phone Booth as Clark Kent quest is not working for them.

@FortniteStatus “Use a phone booth as Clark Kent” quest is not working.

@FortniteStatus why can’t I enter phone booths as Clark Kent to unlock the superman outfit. I have gone to all the locations as Clark on the switch no button comes up for me to enter the phone booth


There have been many reports regarding this problem where players are unable to complete the Use a Phone Booth as Clark Kent quest to get the Superman outfit.

However, Fortnite developers are aware of this problem and have also provided a simple workaround to deal with it.

It seems players have to finish the Complete 5 quests from Clark Kent, Armored Batman, or Beast Boy quest before entering a phone booth as Clark Kent.

The first step is to do 5 challenges given by Clark Kent, Batman, or Beast Boy. The characters to get the challenges from appear on the island, or you can also get challenges from the pay phones around the island. Once this is complete, the player gets the Clark Kent skin and can do the two other challenges to fly through rings and use a phone booth.


As mentioned before, players were initially unable to complete any quests for the aforementioned characters due to required characters (NPCs) not appearing.

However, since that problem was resolved, players can finally complete the required quest steps to get the Superman outfit.

So, if the Use a Phone Booth as Clark Kent quest is not working for you, make sure that the Complete 5 quests from Clark Kent, Armored Batman, or Beast Boy quest step has been completed.


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