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If you are a gamer, you will have heard of an endless conversational hole called Discord.

In the last few years, Discord has grown from just being a platform for gamers and established itself into a huge product with more than 150 million active daily users.

If you have used Discord, you must have thought of subscribing to Discord Nitro at some point in time.


Many people skip it because it offers no trial despite the prices being fairly high. But users still buy it every month because of the perks it offers.

Recently, Discord announced that they would give 3 months of free YouTube Premium to Nitro members.

If you are a Nitro user, all you have to do was claim the subscription from your Gift Inventory on the desktop app before October 30.


But Discord Nitro users soon reported that when they used their YouTube Premium membership code, they only got one month of free subscription instead of three.


Was anyone able to redeem the code from Discord for 3 month Youtube Premium? Mine shows as only a month.(Source)

I am one of the many people who has claimed YouTube Premium, I have never claimed Premium and only offered me 1 month when entering the code and I have read the clauses and I complete everything to receive the 3 months, could you clarify this for me .THANK YOU

What is really weird is that this is happening to many people who are trying to use their code. Users are giving it away because it isn’t working for them or they don’t need it.

Keep in mind that this offer is only applicable for new YouTube Premium members. YouTube normally offers a one-month trial of YouTube Premium to normal members.

It seems like YouTube is aware of the issue and is sorting things out with Discord and might soon offer three months of free YouTube Premium as stated.


There are still people who are giving out the code for free, so grab them before every single one gets used up.

Discord Nitro members, you might want to hold onto that YouTube Premium code of yours for some more time before giving up on the offer.

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Update 1 (August 06)

11:25 am (IST): In response to one of these affected users, YouTube now advises them to read through the FAQs to ensure they’re not missing something.

Thanks for the tag – to confirm, did you get the free trial via Discord Nitro? If so, we recommend checking out this article for more info about this issue: Let us know if you have other.

Update 2 (August 12)

01:54 pm (IST): A “Gold Product Expert” on Google’s community forums has also detailed the reasons as to why some users aren’t getting their 3 months of free Premium subscription.

▶ You must live in a country ( any country ) where Discord Intro and YouTube Premium services are available at the same time.
▶ You must be a paying customer of Discord. But you should never have used YouTube Premium and YouTube Music, paid membership or trial period before – it doesn’t matter, you shouldn’t have these services before.
▶ To get three months, you must buy Discord services, and if you have not previously had paid services or a trial period on Google Play Music or YouTube, then you will see three months.

For more details, you can head here.

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