Borderlands 3 issue with Soulrender not dropping after the latest update comes to light, investigation underway

Dahl’s Soulrender is a legendary assault weapon in Borderlands 3 that can be obtained from Tom and Xam located in Heart’s Desire Guns, Love, and Tentacles.

The Soulrender’s homing skulls, in addition to the weapon’s high damage, provide a tremendous damage output against single targets, with each skull dealing 20x the weapon’s base damage.


The skulls normally target the enemy being shot, but they can also target other opponents, giving it crowd control powers. The greatest way to get the most skulls to spawn is using a full-auto version of the gun.

Unfortunately, the gun has been the center of attention among Borderland 3 players for all the wrong reasons lately. There has been a slew of complaints about Soulrender not dropping from Tom and Xam after the latest update.


I’ve been farming these guys for the last couple hours and haven’t gotten a single soulrender after 100 kills or so. Plenty of base game drops and dlc world drops, but no soulrenders. Did they move the soulrender to a different loot pool or are they bugged or something?

I’ve been farming Tom and Xan for a good while now. I’ve gotten hordes of Insiders, but no Soulrenders. Did they change the drop location? Lootlemon says it’s still Tom and Xan and that it has the same drop chance as the Insider.

The latest update in question is the Vault Card 2 update that went live on August 5. Along with fresh content, the update also brings along fixes for various reported concerns.

It seems that the Soulrender not dropping issue has also made its way along with the various new fixes introduced with the update.

The patch reportedly has removed the drop source for the Soulrender due to an error because of the hotfix implementation in the files. Thus, you can now only get the gun from the diamond chest, until the bug is fixed.

Thankfully, the Creative Director for BL3 on Twitter has already acknowledged the issue saying that they’re investigating it.


An ETA for a fix wasn’t given out but the issue will likely be addressed pretty soon with another hotfix patch or perhaps through an upcoming update.

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