Unable to stop swim tracking (clock) on Fitbit Sense? Here's a quick fix

In January of 2021, Google completed its acquisition of Fitbit that was valued at $2.1 billion.

Since then, Fitbit users have complained about various bugs and issues that constantly affect a wide range of devices, including the premium Fitbit Luxe and Versa 3.

Even the companies’ flagship watch of the year, the Fitbit Sense, isn’t spared. Last month, users reported that they were stuck on the Fitbit logo after the developers pushed an update.

Moreover, excessive battery drain is still an issue if you are using an iOS device.


The latest issue affects Fitbit Sense users who use the swim tracking feature.

According to user reports, when they try to stop the swim clock, they are directed to another screen. Clicking the button once again takes them back to the clock with no way to stop the timer.

Various reports indicate that the issue has popped up after users updated their Fitbit Sense.


When the button is clicked to stop the swim clock, it opens to the wallet screen. Click the button again and it goes back to the swim clock which keeps on ticking. Gets tied into this loop for a least one hour.

I have tried and can’t get beyond the water Lock Screen. Only goes to setup wallet and then back to water Lock Screen.
Extremely frustrating. Very unhappy with Fitbit.
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Looks like Fitbit Sense has a water lock mode that needs to be disabled in order to stop swim tracking.

In order to do so, users need to do 2 consecutive button presses. This will disable the Water Lock mode.

It is interesting that Fitbit hasn’t made any announcement about the feature and it is mentioned nowhere on their website or in the Fitbit Sense manual.


Fitbit needs to step their game up if they want to stay on top in the smart wearable niche, especially at a time when budget smart bands like the Mi Band 6 are offering the similar features at just a fraction of the cost.

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Featured image source: Fitbit

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