Anyone that is into the whole augmented reality gaming scene is probably familiar with Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. This game from the developers of Pokemon Go is based on the popular Harry Potter novels.

The game has slowly but surely garnered a sizeable following over the past few years and now, it boasts of millions of players across the globe, accumulating over 17.6 million installs since launch.


With a game of such caliber, it is only expected that a small glitch or issue, ends up affecting a large number of players across the world, and that’s what is happening now.

Following the release of update 2.18.0, a section of players is reporting a problem with the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite game that causes an abnormal number of foes to show up.

hpwu foes issue when using stones

Same here, there were 5 of us and 45 foes!! After 1 minute one of us jumped off, I jumped off when 5 minutes were remaining and we still had 31 foes to defeat. And I used a regular level 1 runestone and not a BE one. Ridiculous!!

I went solo into Forest Chamber 1 and had to defeat ten foes… and I only used a level 1 runestone! I had to use some exstimulo potion just to get finished on time… 8 minutes and way too much spell energy later, I earn 1000 XP and a runestone as a reward… didn’t even get a foundable fragment! Ridiculous…

According to those affected, the update to version 2.18.0 causes a large number of foes in wizarding challenges when using Revealed Runestones.

The only way to avoid this issue is if all players don’t use their stones as then, and only then, will the players have the normal number of foes.

if even one person in the chamber/lobby uses a be rune it’ll happen, all 1-5 must NOT use BE runes for normal foes to appear, if all 5 ppl use be runes in D5 we’ve seen up to 70 foes appearing. AVOID BE runes in fort floors higher than ruins for this BE or at until hpwu team fixes the bug (probs in 12 months or something).

These reports have been brought forward by affected gamers and this foes bug has now been officially acknowledged by the makers of Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

In the recently published Harry Potter: Wizards Unite version 2.18.0 known issues post on the community forum, the game makers list this as one of the known ailments of the release.

a lot of foes hpwu

There are a high amount of foes in Wizarding Challenges when a player uses the Brilliant Secrets Revealed Runestone.
Tip: Use this Runestone in lower chambers to collect the Petrified Hermione Granger Fragments.
ETA on fix: We won’t be able to fix this before the Brilliant Event ends.

A suggested workaround to this problem is to only use the Runestone in the lower chambers and to collect the Petrified Hermione Granger fragments.

Sadly, this issue won’t be fixed before the end of the Brilliant Event and as such, the above-mentioned workaround is the only way through this.

We shall continue to keep an eye on this and update as and when we get more info so check out our Harry Potter; Wizards Unite section for more on this game.

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Featured image source: Harry Potter Wizards Unite

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