Halo Infinite beta testers complain of performance issues & game getting stuck on loading screen; former gets a workaround

The Halo Infinite multiplayer is now officially live as beta and if you’re one of the lucky ones that have actually managed to login and play a match, then chances are that you have already bumped into one or two bugs.

Some of the current widespread bugs and issues include missing player scores, spawn problems, melee hit detection, and flickering weapon drills.

While such issues seem to be affecting both PC and Xbox players equally, there is one problem that, like always, is giving PC players a much harder time than those from the controller club.


Tried Halo Infinite. TL;DR performance issues on a 2060, lowest settings hit 60-80 most of the time – felt lower though.

Any advice on improving performance in Halo Infinite? I’m running the game on a fairly high end PC, but still dealing with a fair amount of screen tearing, frame drops and lag.

The problem in question is far less than satisfactory performance – an all-in-one package comprised of low framerates combined with plenty of lags and stutters.

The lags affect those sporting the latest and greatest graphics cards and even those running Halo Infinite on one of the most popular yet budget-friendly GPUs at the moment – the GTX 1060, so there’s no respite for anyone.

While it’s unclear how much longer Halo Infinite beta testers will have to put up with the lags and other issues, Halo Support on Twitter has now given a workaround that may help.


As per them, if you are suffering from bad performance despite running the game on high-end GPUs, then you would want to set Minimum Frame Rate to 30 or higher and the Maximum Frame Rate to the native refresh rate.

This will hopefully result in a ‘dramatic’ performance improvement.

Halo Infinite Steam version crashing or stuck on loading screen

But the above isn’t the only issue those playing Halo Infinite on PC are having to put up with, as there are also plenty of complaints of another that prevents them from playing the game at all.


When I enter Halo infinites Beta, I can get on the game and onto the menus, and I can get into weapon drills, however I cannot get into matchmaking. i try joining, I get a black screen with 3 dots, and I get sent back to the menu.

Has anyone been able to fix the “black screen with 3 white dots in the top left corner then crash” issue? I feel like I’ve tried everything and updated everything, and reinstalled everything as well

As clear from the above complaints, the game also crashes when the black loading screen appears while matchmaking and the Halo music plays.

And even if the crash doesn’t occur, the game stays stuck with the loading indicators (4 dots) caught in a never-ending loop.

The only available ‘fix’ for this seems to be restarting the game or PC. If that doesn’t help, then try verifying the integrity of the game files on Steam.

Nonetheless, it is important to keep in mind here that Halo Infinite is still currently in the beta testing phase and bugs and issues are pretty expected. They’re an integral part of the testing process after all but eventually get fixed.

Heck, a few may even make it through to the final release. Thus, for now, all you got to do is report whatever issue you come across, minor or major, to help the developers resolve it as soon as possible.

Featured image source: Halo website

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