[Update: Workaround] Discord aware of issue with changing/uploading profile pictures on iOS becoming blurry, fix in the works

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Original story (from July 19) follows:

The past decade has seen the rise in social media platforms, platforms that are primarily geared towards connecting people over the internet. Instant messaging platforms like Telegram, WhatsApp are some of the most popular services on the planet today.

One other such platform is Discord. A VoIP, instant messaging, and digital distribution platform, Discord is designed for creating communities.

With this platform, users communicate with voice calls, video calls, text messaging, and media files in private chats or as part of communities called “servers”.


Like any other online platform, Discord is also privy to the occasional bugs, issues, glitches, and even outages that come with the online space. Today, it is coming to light that there are a few issues plaguing users of Discord.

According to a section of users on iOS, changing their Discord profile picture results in a blurry upload. This, therefore, results in their profile picture images appearing pixelated.

hi there! so every image i choose for a Discord pfp on iOS comes out as extremely pixelated and blurry (despite it working just fine before?) and apparently many people are having this issue, is there any way to fix it?


discord FIX THE BLURRY PICTURES i just want to show off beomgyu

This issue seems to be prevalent among users of iOS and social media platforms are spewed with reports from users facing this issue on their Discord app.

Luckily, it looks like these reports have finally gotten to the relevant departments at Discord. The platform now says that this issue is known to them and they’re undertaking their investigations into the same.

discord issue acknowledged

Hey, thanks for writing in! Just to give you a heads up, this issue with changing/uploading profile pictures on iOS becoming blurry is currently a known issue that is on our team’s radar, and I want to reassure you that our team investigating this further and working on a fix.

With this, it is probably only a matter of time before it’s addressed by Discord so stay tuned to PiunikaWeb as we shall be on hand to report back as soon as that happens.

Update 1 (July 20)

IST 10:30 – We stumbled upon a couple of workarounds from random users on Twitter. We are not sure if these workarounds actually work, so don’t get your hopes high.

Q. Does anyone know how to fix the blurry discord pfp
A. doing it on PC worked for me

Try logging into discord through the browser and setting a profile picture from there. It worked for me.

Guys go to safari and change it there it worked for me

Update 2 (July 21)

About 9 hours back Discord’s official Twitter handle revealed they’ve fixed the pixelated profile picture issue on iOS.

We pushed out a fix for this, this morning! Please make sure you’re on the latest version of the app!

And if you take a quick look at the App Store, a new update (v83.0), with bug fixes was pushed for the Discord app on July 19.

But latest user reports convey the issue continues to persist despite installing the latest update (as can be seen on the comments on Discord’s fix released tweet and other user tweets).

Adding to the confusion, about 8 hours back, while responding to another user, Discord on Twitter said the fix is still incoming.

fix coming out real soon, i promise fam. just a little longer.

So it looks like they released an update, which didn’t resolve the issue, and they may push another update soon.

Update 3 (July 22)

While users continue complaining, Discord continues to tell users to update the app, saying they’ve fixed the glitch. Majority of the affected maintain the update didn’t resolve the glitch.

Update 4 (July 23)

While iOS app users are still complaining about pixelated profile picture issue, a new problem has now surfaced which is apparently troubling only the iOS users.

As per reports, app users are troubled with notifications for muted channels and servers. Following are some of the reports for a better understanding of what exactly is happening.

please fix your app Im getting notifications for muted channels

I’ve suddenly started getting mobile notification for all messages from servers and channels I have muted or set to @ mentions only. What’s going on?

I set up a ticket already but multiple people are experiencing massive spam push notifications from servers where they have channels muted still coming through please fix this soon I don’t like being on do not disturb but its my only option right now.

What’s good is the matter has caught Discord’s attention as they are inquiring on which platform are users facing this problem. Here is what they said on Twitter:

I’m so sorry about that! Is this affecting all servers with muted channels or just some of the servers? And is this happening on desktop or mobile (iOS or Android)? Keep me posted here. And again, I’m so sorry for the frustration.

Update 5 (July 24)

Discord on Twitter is telling those still complaining after their bugfix update to reach out to the support team. On the other hand, incoming is a user-shared workaround that appears to have resolved the issue for the majority of users.

Take a look at the video below for the details:

Update 6 (July 25)

Going by user reports, it’s not only the profile pictures that are blurry or pixelated, even the server icons are acting the same. Following are some of the reports:

for some reason whenever I upload a server icon or change my profile picture the image always comes out super pixelated, and it’s been happening now for a week. Do you know what’s going on?

can you guys fix the mobile glitch where it makes our server icons and profile pfps blurry

Update 7 (July 26)

While users continue facing the pixelated/blurry pfp (profile picture) issue, a look at the official Discord board conveys the issue has been marked as “Verified Fixed” a few days back.

Update 8 (July 27)

Discord has reconfirmed that the problem was fixed via a recent update, however, it’s asking users to reupload their images as well. Apart from that, users are being requested to reinstall the app and also check for newer iOS updates.

Hey there, this was a known issue but has now been resolved. Could you try updating your app and then reuploading your image to see if that resolves the issue? If not, could you try reinstalling the app and also checking for iOS updates as well (Source)

Update 9 (July 28)

A new update for the Discord iOS app has begun rolling out as version 84 which brings with it the much-needed threads feature along with some bug fixes. While it does not mention a fix for the blurry profile picture, we’d suggest downloading and installing the update to check if there’s a fix.

Apart from that, an individual took to Twitter to share a workaround that seems to have done the trick for them:

ios users if discord keeps making ur pfp blurry on mobile, go to display & brightness on ur settings app and then text size and make it the smallest size and then change ur pfp… it worked for me (Source)

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