YouTube TV issue with fast forward & rewind not working for Olympics & other recordings escalated, but may take time to fix

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics Games are some of the most memorable such events of our times, being the first time that the same has been postponed or cancelled since the World War in 1944.

Coming at a time when strict containment measures mean fans cannot be present at the various events, millions across the world are forced to follow the same online.

youtube tv

One of the ways users can follow the Olympics Games is using their YouTube TV subscription in supported territories.

With this platform, users can get access to tools that allow for flexible watching including recording the games DVR-style and rewatching later on at their convenience.

However, it is now coming to light that YouTube TV might have a little issue that hampers the experience for these users.

fast foward issue

I have all of the Olympics coverage set to record to my library, but I’m finding I’m not able to rewind or fast forward through the recording. When I try to rewind or fast forward, it sends it all the way back to the beginning of the recording. Is there a delay before that feature is available? Anyone else experiencing this?

I have the newest Google Chromecast. When I try to rewind or fast forward with the Google Remote on a recorded show it freezes.

According to affected users, the fast forward and rewind options are not working on recorded sessions as the options are not available.

This means that users are forced to resume playback from wherever they left off, with no chance of going forward or rewind the said playback.

Basic troubleshooting such as restarting the tv, starting the program from different spots, including the library tab, the “recommended for you” on the home tab, and the “resume watching” section of the home tab, all don’t seem to work.

For such a high-profile, global sporting event, it is unfortunate that users have to face an issue like this. Understandably, these users have been thronging the community forums, voicing their complaints.

These reports have seemingly gotten the attention of the YouTube Team who have acknowledged this issue, noting that the same has been escalated to the relevant departments.

youtube tv olympics fast foward issue issue

Thank you! These CPNs should be enough, but I’ll definitely let you know if I end up needing any more info. This may take time to look into, but I’m sharing this info with the engineering team now.

Since this option was reportedly present on the same YouTube TV setups up until a few weeks ago, chances are that it might just as easily be brought back.

We shall continue to keep an eye on this and update as and when we get more info on this YouTube TV fast forward issue for the Olympics so stay tuned to PiunikaWeb.

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