Voyager app not working, down, or crashing issue acknowledged, fix in the works

Cryptocurrency has seen a massive wave of interest over the past few years with Bitcoin prices occasionally spiking, picking the interest of netizens hoping to make a quick buck.

As a result, we have seen many platforms aiming to offer users a medium on which they can purchase many of these cryptocurrencies available today. One such platform is Voyager.

voyager app

Voyager has a few incentives over its competition for users hoping to invest in digital assets in the form of interest rates and bonuses, a fact that’s seen many users thronging on the platform.

Unfortunately, the platform seems to be having issues. Over the past few hours, users online have been an agitated lot, noting that Voyager app is not working or keeps crashing.

According to these affected persons, the app crashes randomly when it decides to work. Otherwise, the app is down altogether.

Voyager issue

You need fix your sh*t once and for all. This happens way too often. Not to mention, I bought $dot on @investvoyager and now I find out I can’t take it off of your app. Fix your problems.

What’s going on with @investvoyager 🙁 it’s the only app not working at the moment.

well….isn’t that convienient , lol …after all that profit left on the table for so many of your customers…? SMH. but I’m guessing your profits were not affected thought. NICE ROBIN HOOD MOVE @investvoyager. Sorry, but that’s strike 3 for your app.

Reddit and Twitter, along with popular Crypto community forums online are awash with similar reports from frustrated users trying to get access to their assets.

Fortunately, these reports have seemingly gotten the attention of Voyager and now, the company has come out to acknowledge the issue. In response to one of the user complaints, Voyager says:

voyager not working

The Voyager app is currently experiencing intermittent connectivity which is affecting access.
We will continue to provide updates.

With that, it should probably only be a matter of hours before this issue is addressed altogether. Until then, we shall continue to keep an eye on this Voyager app not working issue and update as and when we get more info so stay tuned to PiunikaWeb.

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