Google News gray screen bug with 'CNN refused to connect' under investigation; app stuck on loading/extremely slow issue resolved

In this information age, it is pretty important that we trust our sources of info and in line with that, we’ve seen big companies like Google and Apple coming up with their own vetted news apps that aggregate trusted sources.

Google News is one such app and it is a staple for millions of users across the globe. The app curates news for users from top publications and based on the user’s interests.

Google News

Recently, there have been many reports from users of Google News noting that CNN seems not to work as expected. According to those affected, Google News notifies them that ‘CNN refused to connect’.

CNN readers have been posting reports of the popular American news source being greyed out in Google News, many wondering if there is a way to ungray this.

cnn refused to connect

On the rare occasions where CNN does load, some affected users note that the UI is all greyed out and they’re unable to scroll or interact with the site.

cnn greyed out

This issue has since been brought to the attention of Google and in response to one of the affected persons, a product expert is noted saying that the issue is under investigation.

cnn issue under investigation google news

Another section of Google News users report that their experience with the app has deteriorated as the site loads up very slowly.

Similar reports indicate that the issue affects both web version of the service and the mobile app and no matter which web browser is used, the issue still persists.

Google news slow load apart from headline

I have the same issue for a few weeks now. No matter what browser or device I’m using, google news is very slow and unresponsive. My Chrome on Android freezes for over 10 seconds when loading google news. In Firefox on my Windows 10 PC its only a few seconds but enough for firefox to show the “This website is slowing down your browser” message – even in a private window, so it does not appear to be account specific either. It is also most certainly not a connectivity issue, as it occurs over WiFi, mobile internet and LAN.

This issue has been extensively brought to the attention of Google and luckily, it looks like reprieve is finally here as the issue has reportedly been addressed.

issue resolved google news

Thank you so much for your feedback! The issue is now resolved. Please let us know if you still face any trouble.

With that, it is probably only a matter of time before affected users start reporting this issue as fixed. We shall continue to follow this and update as and when we get new info so stay tuned to PiunikaWeb.

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