For as long as we have had computers and tech products, we’ve also had tinkerers striving to make the most of these products, some in ways that the manufacturers don’t exactly approve.

While Android has always been an open platform, iOS is as proprietary as they come. However, this hasn’t deterred users who have always found ways to jailbreak their devices to enable and tweak features that Apple wouldn’t let them.

Apple iPhone X

One of the security measures implemented in many modern smartphone operating systems is the anti-rollback feature. These measures prevent booting if it’s detected that the device has been downgraded to an older, unapproved software build.

iOS users who are fans of the whole jailbreak scene might be aware of the Secure Enclave Processor (SEP). The SEP is its own chip on the logic board and is responsible for tasks such as the Touch ID, Face ID, Apple Pay, and more.

secure enclave component
Secure Enclave Component (Click/Tap to zoom

If the SEP firmware you’re installing on your iPhone is not compatible with the iOS firmware you’re installing, one of a few things will happen.

1. The install will fail completely
2. The install will complete, but Touch ID and all things handled by the Secure Enclave will fail
3. You might brick the device

Well, the jailbreak community has something to get excited over as it is now coming to light that this secure enclave on iOS 14.3 is compatible with iOS 14.7.


iOS 14.3 SEP is compatible with iOS 14.7, There has a possibility to #update or #downgrade iOS 14.7 to iOS 14.3(Clockwise rightwards and leftwards open circle arrows) using the #FutureRestroe tool.

Save your SHSH because ios 14.7 is here, its SEP and baseband are compatible with 14.3, this means that if you have your blobs, you can upload, download or restore 14.3 again with future restore.

This is pretty exciting news for the jailbreak community as it is one less booby trap to worry about should users want to switch between these firmware updates.

This could also mean that many of the jailbreak tweaks that worked on previous iOS versions should work fine with iOS 14.7, albeit with a little tweaking by the developer.


We shall continue to keep an eye on these and update as and when we get more info or when we see more jailbreak tweaks so stay tuned to PiunikaWeb.

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